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Having directed THE GODFATHER, APOCALYPSE NOW, and countless other films, you'd think Francis Ford Coppola would've been in a retrospective mood at his Storytellers talk. But you'd be mistaken.
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steve conn
Wow, Coppola and Jay Mac together! Should be interesting.
I have such respect for Francis Ford Coppola and his works. He also seems like a wonderful man.
Clarke Wolf
Great director. Still not quite Akira Kurosawa.
Gabriel CoDaxlrose
such a visionary
Keenan McXarty
YouTube. Coppola, you're talking about YouTube
the artist
Best of the Best!!! All hail Francis Ford Coppola!
Rok Gostič
Can you also post interview with Jodie Foster?
It would be great to watch the "From Film to Game" panel! I mean, Mr. Levine and Mr. Barlow in the same room is such a treasure that MUST be made public!
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Francis Ford Coppola interview Francis Ford Coppola Explained 2 days ago   10:44

Director Francis Ford Coppola appeared on Late Night with Dave on February 8, 1982.