The Secret to Why a Tesla Costs So Much Could this EV Challenge Tesla? 2 days ago   05:36

Wall Street Journal
One of the biggest things preventing Elon Musk from releasing a mass market electric vehicle comes down to the vehicle's blessing and curse: its lithium-ion battery. We break down the science and the cost.

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The Primal Earth
Cause their good? Uh good stuff doesn’t come cheap. But ya know you liberals like communism so you wouldn’t know anything about costs cause y’all get everything free
No secrets here. Why the nonsense title?
Secret?? How about the “reason” they cost so much... Sheeeesh
Eric Szczesniak
Price of Model 3 is now $35,000 WITHOUT tax credits
YX Yang
Because we are paying for a billionaire's pipe dream
Pat W
Costs so much but haven’t been too profitable
Jason Assi
If u couldn’t guess the batteries were the most expensive part of an electric car then ur an idiot
Liam Bolling
Can we update this? They are $35k now (without saving or subsidies)
Jonathan Kivelä
I guest it👍😅
What’s the secret to why a BMW 3 series cost so much?
I'm a simple guy.... I see WSJ, I dislike.
Keith Nance
Graphene super capacitor
wow, nobody knew it was the battery, thanks WSJ hahahahahah
Jimi Rai
Tesla should make their own battries
Scot B
Tell me why they bought maxwell batteries?
xele fonte
Tesla cars cost so much because they are in the beta research and development phase and they need to raise funds to do more R&D to produce better cars. Today you get a very expensive Model 3 that functions nowhere near as well as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other cars in it luxury market...and maintenance that is very sketchy and unreliable. Don’t busy Tesla until they’re establisbsd. They also have a very crazy psychopathic leader in Elon Musk.
It's the cheapest EV on the market. It is the cheapest price for a small luxury sedan. It's not cheap. But compared to a traditional ICE car it isn't expensive.
Arctic Bork
Ok? And when I see an internal combustion engine car I don't see a car, I see a metal cage full of explosions, disguised as a car.
My guess: The batteries
Oh what first guess no joke
Rahul Jha
hmm "oxide" is just discovered by wsj
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Could this EV Challenge Tesla? The Secret to Why a Tesla Costs So Much 2 days ago   06:50

After 11 years of development, the Arcimoto has finally arrived. It's a three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle that is small, fast and incredibly fun to drive. The grand vision behind the Arcimoto is that people will use it for most of their day-to-day driving instead of relying on their bulky, gas guzzling cars. But, the jury is very much out on whether or not consumers will pay $12,000 a pop to back this societal and environmental experiment. On this episode of Hello World, reporter Ashlee Vance heads to the Arcimoto's birthplace in Eugene, Oregon to take the vehicle out for a spin and to hear the saga of its creation.

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