City Of Dubai, Spirit of Dubai Top 10 Underwater Buildings That Actually 1 year ago   01:01

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Dubai Video: Welcome to The Spirit of Dubai Video! Dubai is one of those cities that must be seen to be believed. Watch this video and discover the true spirit of our home in our latest Dubai Video.

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TVC Transcription:
I felt it before I heard it.
The heartbeat of a place I knew I belonged.
Where history is lived as much as it's made, and forward is the only way the wind blows.
A place where the mind awakens as the body unwinds.
Where all mankind can not only live, but thrive.
I am the flutter in your chest...The chill down your spine...
The voice in your head answering every whispered 'what if?' with a roaring 'why not?'
I am the spirit of possible... The Spirit of Dubai.

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Spirit of Hardstyle ❤💪💙
So this is where Noisecontrollers got the vocals for Spirit of Hardstyle
shafeer official
Great Videos :) Love too much and a regular viewer
Mohan Das
Proud to be an Emirati
Samat Junisbekov
Dubai 😍😍😍
Samat Junisbekov
Kat Rogers
Where are your leader's daughters?
bahadur singh
Emirates brought me here
the spirit of hardstyle
Sohel Shaikh
Magical voice ! Amazing city
arbaz pathan
Dubai Good city
Mathew Thomas
coming soon ;)
Jamid Jeelani
Somesh Madrewar
Tushar Borah
Dubai is my favourite place
Shamim mobin shojib tui ekta kutta Modon
Francesco De Filippo
What's the place at 0:26?
Thavin Prabhu
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Munawarah Islam
Finally next year I'm coming to Dubia yay I'm so happy 😀
Emilio Martinez
please, where is the german version?
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Top 10 Underwater Buildings That Actually City Of Dubai, Spirit of Dubai 1 year ago   08:37

Rising seas burying houses doesn’t sound great, but what if your house is underwater already? Take that, nature! Let’s take a look at the 10 most amazing underwater buildings that actually exist.
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Be Amazed at these top 10 Most Amazing Underwater Buildings That Actually Exist! Jules Undersea Lodge - The Jules Undersea Lodge began life asLa Chalupa Research Lab, a facility for the study of marine life located off the coast of Puerto Rica. The Conshelf - Jacques Cousteau, the famous explorer, loved being underwater. Cousteau loved being underwater so much you suspect he’d have lived there if he could – hence, the Conshelf. Floating Homes - Floating homes may not be an entirely original idea – what’s a boat, after all? –but the Floating Seahorse luxury villas in Dubai take things to a whole new level. Undersea Restaurants - Seafood lovers will be like kids in a sweetshop if they get the chance to visit the ITHAA Undersea Restaurant. Utter Inn - Scandanavians are generous souls.

The Hydrolab - The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Hydrolab research centre is an underwater structure worthy of its elongated name. The Aquarius - The Aquarius is something of a spiritual successor to the Hydrolab: an underwater research centre that is still plugging defiantlyaway beneath the waves. SEALAB - The SEALAB underwater facilities – there were three of them in all – were very much true to their name: they were labs under the sea. The Water Discus Hotel - The Water Discus Hotel looks set to blow all other underwater hotels out of the, um, water when plans are realised and it becomes one of the most striking buildings in Dubai. US Submarine Structures - The Water Discus Hotel faces hot competition from a planned 5-star luxury hotel at Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji.