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Planet Dolan
What restaurant franchise closed after causing the biggest Hepatitis-A outbreak in American history? What doomed hamburger chain invented a version of the Happy Meal six years before McDonald’s? Some of these were successful for a while, and some bombed from the start, but here are 15 restaurants that just absolutely tanked
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Planet Dolan
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1. Herpes Pizza is fake.
2. It's not in this list.
We have 3 g.d ritzy’s
Liam McAllister
Is anyone in the mood for mondo butter
Ayma Ratt
This is stupid. Many of these restaurants were around for years. Most of the didn't "tank immediately".
Macha dragon II
So McDonald's is basically the son of burger chef
ripe tomato
Lums Ollie burger!!!
3:58 - Back when Gino's was a chain, in NJ, Delaware, Maryland, and the Philly and Lehigh Valley portions of Pennsylvania, the fast food establishment was also the only outlet for Kentucky Fried Chicken... When Gino's was bought out by Marriott/ Roy R's in the early 80s, the franchise owners in those areas could choose either to go with the buyout, or become a stand-alone KFC... Quite a few of the KFCs in North Jersey and Philly continue to operate from old Gino's buildings...
Lil Shadow
Good dogs was the same (even tho it was amazingggg)
Correction: there's still one Howard Johnson's, in Lake George, NY: https://howard-johnsons-restaurant.business.site/
Steven Fernandes
Dig the video and narration. Maybe change up the creepy ass mascot
angel marte
lol... you are so funny!
Salem Jimenez
The first time I heard of Howard Johnson's was from watching the 1972 film, Fritz the cat.
Too fast haha 😂
Lion O Cyborg
I don't think it was a chain but there's also Radar's in Scotland. It was an awesome underground pub and burger joint on Belmont street in Aberdeen, with booths and decorated with old metal signs that had been collected. Sadly it closed before I was born so I never got to go to it. I don't think it tanked immediately but it is gone now. :( Jimmy Chungs Chinese restaurant and takeaway was also a great place that's gone now.
Ashley Wyant
Where skippers
jay jay
HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!!McDonald's will follow the same fate.... I work at McDonolds Nd let's just SAY F.U.C.K this PICE OF S.H.I.T. place.......have a nice day hope you enjoy your PICE OF SHIT. MEAL😁
I miss Chi Chi's good food
Felix Medina
Puff n Billy's and Rally's
Marshanna Johnson
I miss G.D. Ritzy's. I live in Illinois and we had one here in Champaign and I worked there back when I was in high school from '92-'94/95. The ended up being Daddy-O's. Hey, he should've had Daddy- O's on the list!!!
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Beloved Restaurant Chains That 15 Restaurant Franchises That Immediately 1 day ago   04:54

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The restaurant industry is an insanely tough business, and for some old favorites, it's gotten even tougher. Younger diners are more interested in fast-casual places than the sit-down restaurants of their parents' generation, and more people are just choosing to flex their own culinary muscles and cook at home. That means there's a ton of once-popular chains seeing their numbers sink farther and farther into the red, and many are closing locations by the dozens. Are your favorite restaurants on the chopping block? Let's find out...

Ruby Tuesday | 0:28
Bob Evans | 1:15
TGI Friday's | 1:57
IHOP | 2:31
Qdoba | 3:11
Buffalo Wild Wings | 4:07

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