Peugeot 3008 SUV 2018 in-depth Peugeot 3008 2018 Review 2 days ago   09:47

The new Peugeot 3008 takes a radical departure from the car that came before it. Where the old one looked ungainly and frumpy, its replacement is one of the sharpest family crossovers on the market. So the looks are sure to catch the eye, but how does it drive? Is it good enough to tempt buyers away from rivals like the Nissan Qashqai or the SEAT Ateca? Find out as I put it to the carwow test in my full in-depth review.

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Whenever I see car journos complaining about the image quality of the reverse camera I lough loud
1. The camera is not for taking selfies or pictures
2. The cost of pack city 2 on a peugeot 3008 is 550 euros and includes parking sensors (front, rear and side sensors), 360 degrees camera and park assist (the one that parks the car for you)
Can you tell me how much all this costs to put on an Audi please??? :-)
Also about the remarks the 3008 is not an SUV... well it has 22cm of ground clearance. Tiguan has 20 and Kodiaq has 18.... You know you cant go off road with 18cm of ground clearance don't you... For comparison the a-class has 16cm of ground clearance.. Plus the peugeot has the grip control system....
Larry Sullivan
Brilliant I love it
Rap Fan 4Ever
Interior look like a BMW i8 lol
Troy Robson
Looks good to me.
Po 66
that stupid reverse tacho does my head in, so for that reason Im out. Also 26 grand plus for a car that does 0-60 in over 10 seconds, back to the 80's
Dick Lerche
What is not to like? Well... Reliability issues....
Gregory Bobbitt
If the US sold this car this car,I would actually buy it
Vid Petrovič
You should rewiev a US car 😂😂 I think you will avoid it...
Nottsbutterfly T
I'm really going to miss the inspired tail gate and split level boot when I upgrade this summer.. It has been very useful in my 2016 model..
Stephen Mills
Got this...Premium Line. Loving it. Also looked at the XC40 and it really wasn't worth the extra money considering how much more the Pug gave.
Angel Michael
I need this car but I don't have money to buy even the weel. Can someone buy for me? God will bless you more and more in Jesus name Amen. This, my what's app number +66630383372.Mike4Freya@gmail. Com.hope someone can hear my voice. God bless you from zion
Brilliant PROPER review ....well done that man...really considering this car.
Thabiso Maleka
Mat please do a Peugeot 3008 vs Opel Grandland X video
Mzwandile Harmans
Am in love with it
Mladen Lakic
Mat should be an Actor 😊
Christopher Mahon
No hybrid. 🙄
Whenever I see a seat Ateca a Skoda Karoq and a VW Tiguan.... I feel really sad and depressed.. not just about their owners but also about the rest of us that have to look at them
Darijo Kesar
SOLD!!!....In production and arriving in January :)
mohsen so
well done peugeot
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Peugeot 3008 2018 Review Peugeot 3008 SUV 2018 in-depth 2 days ago   26:28

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