Peugeot 3008 SUV 2018 in-depth Peugeot 3008 2018 Review 5 months ago   09:47

The new Peugeot 3008 takes a radical departure from the car that came before it. Where the old one looked ungainly and frumpy, its replacement is one of the sharpest family crossovers on the market. So the looks are sure to catch the eye, but how does it drive? Is it good enough to tempt buyers away from rivals like the Nissan Qashqai or the SEAT Ateca? Find out as I put it to the carwow test in my full in-depth review.

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Karen Beardow
Not long to 2M views.!
Armir Gashi
Is peugeout 3008 or jeep compass better?
Hooman Hoomani
Pankaj Singh
I think Peugeot is making one of the best interior designs.
The sun roof is the real reason I love this car
renard argente
Yes, the interior is fabulous BUT, the front is a mish-mash of finishes - especially the blinged grille - and, it needs a more powerful engine (min 1.6 litre) to cope with 4 adults & a boot-load of kit to be able to overtake folks on walking frames & mums pushing prams.

By the way Mat, how big is the boot?
Luffy Duy
The review didn’t include night driving. At night the i-cockpit will reflex at the driver’s side window, creating a huge blind spot.
Petr Stuchlý
Do you think maybe the fact that so many of these french cars have the fuse box in the glove box on the British models is a sneaky way to get back at the Brits? Like the French don't really care enough about you to move the fuse box over? 🤣🤣🤣

To me that's really shitty though and I am neither french nor British. I mean how difficult is it to move the freaking fuse box over if the alternative is that it takes up half the glove box in a car? I wonder how much money they save on skimping out on this. Probably not much.
mark jeffers
Have always been put of pugeout and renault heard they are very unreliable is that not the case these days anyone got advice looking an suv have drove ateca, kuga, CX5, thought ateca was the best i drove so far
Tuney Muir
Got my new 19 plate 3008 gt line in blood it..awesome
Billy Watt
Looks a great car. Only problem for me is the touch screen climate control. Currently my car ( Nissan Qashqai) I can turn the heater on or off by just pushing a button, barely needing to take my eyes off the road. I would like to see a reviewer performing this function while driving during a review. Other than that it looks a great car.
Joshua Morgan
I mean come on really, a DS7 has massage, lighting under doors, all the stuff with Peugeot 3008 with more, my father had the ds7 crossback rivoli edition and it’s better than 3008, and u say shortlist ds7 and buy a 3008. Your really underestimating the DS brand
boho sana
Ellis S
Why would anyone get the 1.2? I thought one of the reasons people got SUVs was for torque and towing, desiel better
Amjad Khaan
Ur a hot guy x
Ng Xiang Yu
Resale value,spare parts and services hold this car back in my country and stuck with hapanese cars...if not i will buy it
Robert Deman
I had peugeot 205,309, and 2 new one's 307 and 308 NEVER AGAIN peugeot for me ,both mechanical and electronic problems , if you planning to keep your car for 4 years or more peugeot is not recomendet sorry for some errors i speek dutch 😁
Bunduc Alexandru
Yea yea...1.2 turbo lmao😂😂
ashja pirzada
proton x70 awd review needed
Tuney Muir
Getting 3008 GT Line next week in red.
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