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Matt Moves In - Shenanigans | It's A Trap, But I Have To! - Last - At Up-Tube.com

MATT MOVES IN - Shenanigans IT'S A TRAP, BUT I HAVE TO! - Last 10 months ago   18:18

Achievement Hunter
Matt's supposed to move into the main AH room, but he's too busy to get a desk! Thankfully, the others are getting one custom made for him.

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About Achievement Hunter:
Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Achievement Hunter view is the right thing to do YouTube, so do.

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Comments 1322 Comments

Damn I haven’t watched AH in a while when it was just Gavin Michael Ray Geoff Jack and Ryan. Somebody fill me in! 😅
Luke Macdermid
8:35 Geoff thinking about all the short jokes he could say right now, but that's not the focus of this video.
Wisteria Blossoms
This video is why the Microwave Double Heist wouldn't work on AH
1. Their 'office' is just one big room, so it's harder to infiltrate
2. Even if they managed to get in and steal/destroy some stuff, they'd just roll with it like Matt with his new desk
Abigail Huchko
my dream job is to work in that scene shop.
Smitt werbenjagermanjensen
The look on Geoff's face after 5:39 priceless.
Brayden Drenning
I know this video was from awhile ago but what they should of done was make his desk like an old garage door where you pull on a chain and a shelf/desk lowers from the ceiling.
While allowing it to rise so the door isn't blocked.
Wish Sarah was in more videos
Ian Mittelstaedt
I love how Ryan almost instantly sensed the crap computer and swooped in to fix it.
Kyle C
More shenanigans!
King Mogg
I like jacks titties
Jay Stuart
That desktop was absolutely atrocious Michael and Trevor’s reactions were on point
Jason Copper
Alfredo has come to ruin yet another great video.
Cherry kuru
Has jack even noticed the carving?
Adrian Ghastly
The best part of this video was the “isn’t this the desk he made with his dad?”
-Michael after seeing Matts desktop
IN reality this sort of thing is why RT is getting such a bad name out there, treating the people you work with like this is disgusting. Shennanigans was funny at one point but the actual meaness of some of them now is kinda of disturbing and sociopathic
I hope people that have never heard of ah watched this
Can O' Duh
I'd rather have Gavin speak for us.
Jeff Dunn
This is the video that made me realize Marcus isn't just getting roped into all of this and being asked to build weird stuff. Marcus is also an evil genius who will genuinely mess with people.
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IT'S A TRAP, BUT I HAVE TO! - Last MATT MOVES IN - Shenanigans 10 months ago   43:58

In East Side High, a killer lurks, searching for all the Achievement Hunter crew. How will they meet their end? The axe? The hands of a strangler? Or perhaps a long drop and a sudden stop?

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