MATT MOVES IN - Shenanigans IT'S A TRAP, BUT I HAVE TO! - Last 6 months ago   18:18

Achievement Hunter
Matt's supposed to move into the main AH room, but he's too busy to get a desk! Thankfully, the others are getting one custom made for him.

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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Achievement Hunter view is the right thing to do YouTube, so do.

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Anata No Senei
Anyone remember when Jack almost killed Joel over that tower of pimps? He made that with his dad... So knowing that the whole desk thing is amazing.
sachgoREEE EE
"Is this the desk he made with his dad"

Geoff :oh fuck oh shit fuck bitch what have i done?!?
Matt Meaney
I think the original plan was better!
Matt must be genderfluid
I have the same PC case as Matt, which gives me an excellent reference for how fucktall that thing is
He ate the fucking doughnut
Cameron Crittenden
As someone who works at a school, fixing computers, I can relate to that moment Ryan started digging and cleaning up the desktop. That shit is one of my biggest peeves
Mia Pinheiro
There is different places were they could have put a full desk or the could have a removed the useless white door and he could have had a full desk there
AlphaZero 8964
Matt they deleted all your desktop icon's. Were you ever able get all your icon's back?
Evan Sanders
Geoff’s face at 5:49: please say some right now
Shena Avananbholvardon
Lol I don’t think they know this 🙂 Hi 👋
Damn I remember when Jack made a YouTube video if Him and his dad making that table. RIP.
Cody Watson
I feel as if we need more shenanigans
Jenny And Ben
I mean...did you see how pissed Jack was at Joel when he signed the T.O.P that Jack made with his dad? He is going to murder Geoff the second he finds out!!! (Or Jeremy if he believes the J.D on his desk)
Liam Jonas
Trevor: Now it's a desk
Ryan: No Trevor, now it's a home
Bruuuuhhhhh 😂😂hahaha
Blake Motley
Matt is such a strange looking man
Matthew Amaya
god damn, i’d love to work there.
AH is going to look like the animation department soon
That Guy
who the hell is JD?
jeremy dooley!
Duncan Van Ooyen
That fucking donut looks so good though, holy shit.
That's real chocolate icing, someone iced that donut with an actual spatula. That ain't no mass-produced machine dipped shit. God I miss the donuts in Austin, I've gotta get back there some day.
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IT'S A TRAP, BUT I HAVE TO! - Last MATT MOVES IN - Shenanigans 6 months ago   43:58

In East Side High, a killer lurks, searching for all the Achievement Hunter crew. How will they meet their end? The axe? The hands of a strangler? Or perhaps a long drop and a sudden stop?

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