2SEXY vs Moog's Daily The truth about load levelling 2 weeks ago   13:50

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Moog brings his daily to the track to try and takedown 2SEXY (which is still undefeated)

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Mighty Car Mods
Fake it till you make it - Some ramblings on content, Vlogging, Mainstream Media and the "reality" of being a YouTube creator...
The Vivas Family life
Lol so funny one driving his ass off while the other one on the phone with mom just a casual conversation
Black Mafia
Marty use left foot braking in the corner you want have turbo lag
Their opinions on the Golf R is mad they’re so popular in the UK
Junior Milliard
Needed a rare wing more grip on the back
Emilia Vincent
Moog's mum!
spencer ames
Yall should come to Houston tx and have Bartuning make that golf actually fast mike can make that vw scream like you wouldn't believe is possible. Mike at Bartuning has everything you need stage 3 + is the way to go.
captain chaos
Not the biggest vw fan but a golf R can move in the right hands! You know the old nugget, power is nothing without control.
I just don't get the Golf R... says the guy driving a Mirage...
Chernobyl Pethagorean
Golf R's are awesome. lol

...and for $1000 you can make it stage 2, which you not only eat that EVO in the corners but on the straights as well.
The Web(b)
I’m convinced basic car enthusiasts don’t like the Golf because they don’t understand it. It’s the enthusiast car for people who don’t need to let everyone know that they’re enthusiasts. If you want to leave it stock it’s great. If you want to modify it it’s one of the best bang for your buck cars out there. We’re talking 500hp without even touching the internals of the engine. On top of all that it has way more heritage than any other available hot hatch you can buy. It is the original performance car for the people. Donut Media said it best, even if you don’t want a GTI, odds are there’s a car out there you do want, that only exists because of it.
Uncle Vinnie
This makes me happy since I have the Audi Version of a Golf R. When you throw an okay set of tires on them, tinker with the tire pressures a little, they can be a bit entertaining.
After 8 years, unsubscribed.
Would have been nice if Moog just said how much it cost instead of "it was cheap cheap" lol.
Andrey Haifisch
Marty, need a 4wd drive
Neerav Reddy
What happened to the rs
Kavinda Jayawickrema
A golf! So disappointing and boring.
The Michael Vortex
Fame Speed
Where are Marty’s EVO ???!!!!!
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The truth about load levelling 2SEXY vs Moog's Daily 2 weeks ago   27:26

It’s a curious facet of the modern world that it’s becoming ever more common for the imbecile to feel empowered and thus inflict his (quote-unquote) “knowledge” upon us, using the power of the keyboard and the raw distributive capacity of the internets.
In this session you failed to mention ride leveling and sway control. This is some thing I notice is sadly missing from a lot of caravans and other heavy items being towed. Ride leveling does shift tow ball load onto the front axle of the car and place extra loading on the trailer/ van axle combination. Any person considering towing a caravan ride leveling should mandatory. inclusion. - Graham S
So I pointed out to Mr S that I thought her was being rude and hyper-critical, and that the report he was criticising was about choosing the right vehicle for particular towing assignments, and therefore load levelling was outside its remit.
And also, that’s not what a load-levelling hitch actually does. Joyously enough, he got back to me with even more … ummm … ‘information’.
“You have missed the point that ride leveling reduces the down load on the tow ball. This can assist a European vehicle with the lower permissible loading with out going to the expense of additional spring packs.” - Graham S
It routinely amazes me how ignorant people are about basic physics. Here’s your basic uninformed dick, right? He feels empowered to tell me how this works. And that’s fine - if he’s right.
In this situation (uninformed dick versus engineering degree) I decided that the gloves should probably come off for the rest of the bout. And let me say up front that I am not above being corrected by anyone, but (pro tip) if you are going to voice a contrary opinion, A) try to be correct, and B) use diplomacy just in case you are wrong.
It deeply offends me that this arsehole might inflicting his breathtaking bullshit on people who cannot see through it. So here’s the headline: Load levelling hitches do not decrease towball download. They actually increase it slightly (but only by the weight of the load-levelling hitch).
All they do is stop the arse of the vehicle dragging in the dirt when a heavy trailer is attached. They also stop the headlights pointing up at the sky - flipsides of the same coin. They do this by applying a torque to the vehicle, using torsion bar springs cranked up with screw threads.
Don’t get me wrong: Load levelling hitches can boost stability generally when towing heavy loads. They can increase steering effectiveness and stop the vehicle squirming and being otherwise dynamically unstable under brakes.
But they are called load-levelling hitches and not ‘towball lightening up’ hitches for a reason. They are not a ‘get out of jail free’ card to exceed the vehicle’s towball download limit, specified by the manufacturer, and they cannot reduce the towball download imposed by a trailer.
They’re potentially dangerous, too. Those torsion bar springs have a great deal of energy stored in them - so I wouldn’t be getting any part of me in the way of them suddenly unloading should they slip off the chains. Imagine that hitting you in the steel capped-safety thong… It’s be memorable.
You also need to appreciate that the terrain underfoot can militate against them - in the worst possible way. You need to avoid situations where the vehicle adopts a ‘nose-up’ attitude relative to the trailer, thanks to the road below.
In particular, a spoon drain or a washaway across the road is a potential disaster. Once you’ve got the front axle of the vehicle past a transverse defect like that, the rear axle goes in … the front axle is up high, the trailer axles are up high … the vehicle’s rear axle is low. That’s bad.
This kind of event has the potential to place extreme loads on the springs in the hitch. And that’s a recipe for breaking something. So you might really want to remember to de-couple the load leveller (in other words, de-tension the springs) before negotiating obstacles like that.
Otherwise, you risk breaking something expensive on the tow hitch or even on the vehicle. Which is why many manufacturers advise against using load-levelling hitches.
The other thing you really need to get right here is choosing the right load levelling hitch for the load you’re actually towing - a mis-match there is a disaster looking for a place to happen.
Me - I’d be asking myself if it’s really a good idea putting a Band-Aid on a bigger problem. Is it really a good idea pursuing the fool’s errand of towing something that’s clearly a struggle for the vehicle? That’s not fun. Perhaps you should consider acquiring a smaller van or boat … of a bigger vehicle.