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Improve Your Parallel Skiing | Body, Hip Alignment In Alpine Skiing - At Up-Tube.com

Improve your Parallel Skiing Body, hip alignment in alpine skiing 2 days ago   03:16

If you want to improve your Parallel Skiing and take it to the next level, this is the video for you. Note that in this lesson we strap your feet together with a Booty Band (Resistance Band) so it can feel a bit uncomfortable and even be a little dangerous so please be careful. If you are just starting out maybe this is not really for you just yet but keep it in mind and try it later on as you become more skilled.

Before you write this off as being Old School and Outdated please check out the video. Chris is a 17y old jr racer and if you haven't seen any video of him skiing yet please check them out here on my channel. He really rocks both on course and off course. He has made tremendous progress in two years.

So he is very good at carving but there are many areas where he lacks technique and confidence. Basic parallel skiing and nailing that Open Parallel Turn or the Parallel Christie so to speak is one. Nailing the Open Parallel Turn would give him access to advanced Bumps and Powder and open up totally new opportunities around the mountain. Note, being able to ski the entire mountain in a safe and controlled manner should be the target for all of us.

The challenge here is to use synchronized leg movements. No stemming or stepping or wedging. Not before you strap your boots together like this will you ever know how much you move your feet around to compensate for bad balance and flaws in your technique. This is exactly what happen to me as well. It was really an eye opener for me. I was cheating. So was Chris and everybody else we have tried this drill on. Your first sensation will be that you have absolutely no clue as to how to make that first turn. That is a good sign because there is an easy solution. You need to initiate the turn with an Up-UnWeighting move in order to pivot your skis into a skid/drift. Or if you carve simply just tip the skis on edge. The narrow stance will force you to balance correctly over that outside ski. It really has many benefits. Nowadays I always carry a Booty Band in my ski jacket.

Have fun but be careful. Please read the Disclaimer at the end of the video.

And yes, this is my first voice over so please give me some feedback on that as well. Do you want voice over or text on the screen or both (subtitles).



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Jager's 4xFORD
Great drill, not sure about the excessive counter. Would like to see more active inside ski steering
mike d.
Please expand on the new school narrow racing look, comparing the old school narrow ski instructor look to todays racers a la Shriferrin or Hirscher does not compute. there may be some value to this exercise but I fail to see what you say is connected. I'm PSIA level 3 and USSA level 3/ National level. coach.
Akatarawa Japan
If Chris ever learns to use his left pole I will die happy. Until then I suffer.
Wladimir S
Спасибо большое. Была эта идея, но не был уверен.
Monte Carlo
Looks like at Vasjobacken, am I right? =)
The ONLY way you could possibly do that is if you already have perfect balance from one foot to the other. If you already have the ability to balance on one foot, then you don't need the band. All you need is to Think about what you want to do and Do It! If you try this and you don't know how to position your body and change your weight, you wouldn't make one turn before you would be on your ear.

0:45. You do Not turn using upper body and leg Movements! You Allow your skis to make the turn by NOT moving your upper body and moving your legs. Your Skis move your feet and legs from side to side when you keep your upper body quiet and facing down the hill as much as possible and Just step from your downhill arch to your uphill arch. When he wants to start a turn, he is stopping his upper body from going across the hill and putting it back in the fall line. He steps from his downhill to uphill arch while the skis are still crossing the hill. The directional change of his upper body down the hill and his feet crossing the hill, make the skis roll over onto the arch of the uphill foot.

1:32 Nope! A brushed turn happens when you keep your upper body over your feet which flattens the ski. When you carve a turn, you are leaving your body in the fall line while letting your skis take you feet to the side which creates the leg angle to edge the ski. "You simply keep your skis on edge." Really? Just Do It with no teaching How to Do It?

1:48. Finally something said correctly!

1:54 When done correctly, they look Nothing alike just like you saw him do. In a skidded turn, he is standing erect. In a craved turn, his upper body is vertical and his legs are at an angle.
Justy Olivieri
By the way,... if you "release the downside ski, before engaging the upside ski, the cross will happend effortlessly and fluidly.
Justy Olivieri
Hey Cris!!! that was good skiing!!! "Do with your feet what you want your skis to do" The natural stance of legs should be, at the most, hip width, and feet separation is determined by edge angle. Very good comments by....Triggerboy 62?
Robert Cabrera
Took a Warren Smith course and this was one of the drills. We used the power straps velcroed together. Very intimidating at first!
vadim videos
You bring very important point comparing old school skiing with the new one with parabolic ski. Thanks!
kui Q
Too narrow is never too good . That’s very old style way , if look at the World Cup and design of the new skis , you should never do a super narrow stance
Erik Ivanenko
Nonsense. Hold a sponge between your ankles.... tie it to your knee 'cuz it will fall off.
minh bach Ho
I try to do for my 2 boots always just touching to have the illusion of the skis parallel. I feel doing this is more secure than to attach boots with band which is more problematic in case of lost of control, I don't have a so good level as the very good skiers.
Zach G
Love the voiceover, great idea!
MS SmallBiz
"Up" unweighting, really? Circa 1990. All movement should be towards the turn or forward.
Da SendingTrinkl
very nice art of trainings i think i need to try this out😄🥇👍
Diego Schmalzl
Awesome exercise. I use it too with the kids I coach but I put it just below the knee so that the legs remain parallel. The risk to have it too low is that the legs are not parallel like in the video.
Janos Koranyi
Is this suggestion for skiers who can make parallel turns already? Advanced level? In that case it is OK even though I don´t really see the point. With carving this disturbs the edging, inclination. So I think this does not give any improvement.
But never try this with beginners. A-frame is a life saving skill for them. All beginners should refuse trying this.
lunar stellaris
Nice! I rly love narrow stance on slalom 165 skis :)
John Doe
Great video! I was thinking of doing the same. Do you agree that canting plays an important role in starting parallel and narrow stanced turns? I'm very X-legged and I'm struggling with it, while in carving I have no issues.
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Body, hip alignment in alpine skiing Improve your Parallel Skiing 2 days ago   05:26