Khabib Nurmagomedov meets up with Khabib vs Tony l Common Opponents 3 months ago   10:39

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Mike Perry on Oliveira,
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Greg Hardy on Smoliakov,
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Woodley believes he will KO Lawler,

Jeff Novitzky on Dan Ige incident,
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Khabib meets with his old sparring partner,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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joshua burrus
This whole time Rogan and everyone was bragging about khabib training with bears his whole life I had no clue he was picking on Winnie the Pooh. 😂😂 Wtf?
Matt 88
If a bunch of Brits or Americans stated poking a changed dogg im sure weid all think its ok BULLSHIT
Roy Hunt
Fuck mike perry is like a 10 year old playing a video game just a child I.q under 50 surely
chris glover
khabib...set that bear free
Reda Chraibi
Animal abuser rats
Shivam Singh
It's a child bear and and bear don't wrestle they eat sleep and sometime they bite too
Conner Heckart
Dana "completely disgusted" White.
Law hertz
doesnt bears get bigger then that during a 10 year span or even 2 years?
Shiro Venom
All fighters want to KO's their opponent.
Khabib want to maul's them.
What a legend! dinell07
Sympathy for a chained up bear...
how many of you been to a zoo though? 🤔 Hypocrites
Jon Grenier
Khabib your fucked up. Dana white shouldn't have that shit head in the octagon. That's torture and cruel wtf!
Chance Romance
Woodley is just become a coky pos like what ever happening to fearing your opponent remaining humble
that bear cub shit was lame - not to mention his comment 'my old friend'.... makes no sense. The bear he wrestled with would be grown up by now....
i'm a fan of his but this shit not good PR
Gaz B 007
The bears like "Is that all you got?"...
siSharp ciplusplus
honestly you shot the mother bear, just shoot the cub, it will end up in chains somewhere like this or in a zoo
Ludicrous crane
Only thing that can beat khabib is full grown bear. Thatd be a mauling
John Dunbar
Mike perry is a high functioning retard
Patrick D Rochfort
Fake news 👌👀👌
Patrick D Rochfort
How could this be the bear he used to wrestle when this bear is 2-3 months old?
Gaurav Sharma
I need timestamps
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Khabib vs Tony l Common Opponents Khabib Nurmagomedov meets up with 3 months ago   14:57

Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier is just announced, what an awesome fight! Tony Ferguson before Poirier, turned it down. On Instagram Tony posted ''We Deserve Better For The Amount Of Work & Support We Put In''. This makes me think he only wants to fight for the real belt.

To me this is still the fight to make! We the fans have to push for this fight!

I really hope it gets all the attention they both truly deserve! During there amazing mma career they had a lot of common opponents and this is a video showing these fights:
- Gleison Tibau
- Michael Johnson
- Abel Trujillo
- Rafael dos Anjos
- Edson Barboza
#khabibnurmagomedov #tonyferguson #makethisfight #commonopponents

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I don’t own the footage, just a huge fan of mma who likes to share his passion.