Why Most large Corvette dealers Factory Five Cobra: Kit delivery 5 months ago   13:48

Chevy Dude
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The reason Chevy has 3 model years out is I think mid-engine will be announced around January of 2019 and this will allow them to have 6 months of talk when July 2019 comes around. July is the month when the next model year will start production. More on that subject coming. I am doing tons of research and if anyone with GM has info feel free to contact me. Confidentially is guaranteed.

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Ryan Montgomery
He will have it wrecked in no time
@Chevy Dude
Any possibility you can make a video about buying a Corvette at auction vs buying from a dealership.
Or buying on eBay / CraigsLost (That's an indented pun)
It seems to me that Corvette (s) at auction are overpriced, and when dealers buy at auction there would be next to no profit in it, given that a dealer has to provide a warranty. Another point being, cars bought in the colder north and subjected to salt on the roads being sold in the warmer southern states where it is unlikely salt on roads would be used as there is little or no snow at all. The question there of course is should one buy cars imported from the Northern (colder) states?
Brandon Zappala
this video sucks.
Henrirtta Browm
He never answered is own question. Google. the top fifty dealers and his dealership is number twenty nine so how is he beating. or matching the top ten dealers in the country.Can you really believe or trust this car salesmen.
Will C.
This dude reminds me of why I dread ever having to go to a car dealership, and he doesn't answer the question posed in the teaser. I can't believe this dude sells Vettes.....Really?
What is the price of the shipping from your state to Los Angeles, California. What is the advantage of buying a car out of state?
Doug Frisvold
Ya when ever i bought a car and if i would have walked up to buy it and you told me right off the bat dont touch i would have walked away ! So id never buy from you ! I had a salesman who wouldn't take me for a demo ride so no sale for him a year later the car still at the dealer and a different sales person to deal with and i bought the car so dont treat your customers like a little kid
Johnson Long
Automatic ?? You loser!
Christopher Walker
Man I just love corvettes. They're like the 'American Ferrari'. Gorgeous.
Click bait to the max
Dammm!! Dude need a Tan!
Gustavo Jaime
This man deserves an award
mike s
bla bla bla, what was the answer ?
Jerry Traveler
LOL...TheCorvette House Mouse gets all the cheese. I have made more money on a $3K Hoppedee than a $40-50K Truck Suv
Robbie Zeigler
Praise Jesus for the mute button. This guy is annoying. Thumbs down. Answer the question!
Pavel dalesssandro
How you expect me to buy one thier so expensive
Bill McCall
Way too much BS from this guy.
David Keith
Bought a new Corvette in 1976,there was no such thing as having a Vette in stock,or setting on a showroom floor. If you were lucky you might get to see one for a bit right before delivery.
Dr. No
bane sik
Condradiction 😂
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Factory Five Cobra: Kit delivery Why Most large Corvette dealers 5 months ago   07:41

This video details the major assembly steps / build chronology of my Factory Five MK4 Cobra build.