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Golden State Warriors & No Pelicans | Nba's Best Plays | Week - At Up-Tube.com

Golden State Warriors & NO Pelicans NBA's Best Plays | Week 9 months ago   10:06

January 16, 2019 | Golden State Warriors & NO Pelicans NBA RECORD 43 Threes! | January 16, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments 99 Comments

Kevin Gathfan
teerrrrrriiiiiii foooor stepennnnn

When i heard that i was laugh loudly
Reynaldo Laurente
Curry rejected at 9:38
Maruk Chozt
Can we just appreciate the fact that New Orleans pull this off and led the game for three and a half quarters?
ramoj ipanac
in the face of Davis
Saint Aubyn TFG
They came out on top for both 3pt shootouts with the Kings and Pelicans
ieat twelve pringlesaday
I counted 42....
Ericson Rosario
my birthday is january 16, 2008
Rahul Vikram
If draymond is making threes then it’s time to go home
Jack see
you needs a triple team to stop curry
Albert Carr
When Steph is in a zone like that..there’s just absolutely NOTHING you can do about it ❗️🔥😈
Blue Face
Real life be like 1:19 and then 2k be like 2:10 can’t make a wide open
Jedrek Malnegro
Is it just me or is the the warriors always hot where they wear the towns jersey?
Nuch Clarke
Who's counting the threes made while watching?
Kevin Isidro
we'll never see the warriors like this again =(
see thao
Draymond the greatest shooter of all time.
Scoring 140 points and still losing holy shit
B 51 HTM
Stephanie Curry?
Mr. Sundar
Rita Swann
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NBA's Best Plays | Week Golden State Warriors & NO Pelicans 9 months ago   14:33

Check out the best plays from week 13 of the 2018-2019 NBA Season!

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