Sean Patton - When Life Duncan Trussell - Dying on Acid 2 months ago   15:39

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A confusing incident in which a man exposed himself to a teenage Sean Patton and his friends winds up having all kinds of unexpected consequences. (Contains strong language.)

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The crazy Entity
7:00 that ladys face
bad story was almost as bad as that guys laugh.
Worst one ever
Question Your World
Man, these guys suck at rolling... But they're still better than me. All I had were apples back in the day.
Ragnjórdvikr Fahlgren
He looks so much different with a beard and a different hair cut its crazy
Sir. Smoke a lot
Sean Patton in this time period of his life he was high as balls son! If uuu ever get to see him ask him about his first times being in Comedy Central & ari
Dread Lunero
Hilarious 😂 Loved the crowd
Matthew Fulton
Dude looks like artie lang before cocaine
Andrew Carroll11087
I love him and Bert kreichler
The one guy laughing harder and louder than everyone else.... I want a supportive friend like that..
2:18, that's why we sealed them with honey. 90s kids for the win!
I hear The Price Is Right when they lose song Dah Dah Dahtohont thonnnnnnnnt
What an annoying laugh
Ai Cen
That laughter gave this video dislikes
I love all the audience members giving that guy with the obnoxious laugh the stink eye :D

C'mon man, he's having a good time. Let him live a bit.
I love the laughter in this. So lovely.
Cameron Pestel
I always wondered what the guy who exposed himself to him and his friends was doing walking around in the middle of the night being weird it's a scenario straight out of a horror movie it's creepy as fuck, leave it to one of my all-time favorite comedians Sean Patton to turn this horrifying encounter into a hilarious stand up bit LMAO 😂 my theory that guy was the Devil in human form maybe his idea of a good vacation from his job in hell is to come to earth and go roaming around late at night to freak out stoned teenagers seems like something that asshole would do for fun lol hahaha 😂
Blake Shiv
When is the baby due Sean?
Will Thompkins
and then the whole ballsack clapped
a mary jane clarinet.

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Duncan Trussell - Dying on Acid Sean Patton - When Life 2 months ago   14:52

After almost choking to death on a piece of string at a Grateful Dead concert, Duncan Trussell comes to a life-altering realization.

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