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Abir Aichi
I am finally a senior and I'm super excited! Some of you requested a Vlog about school, and here it is Hope you enjoy!!
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Kota Dagnino
6:47 daaaaaamn girl that's a long ass fraction line XD
Schloss Heiss
Carl Benz School Germany

You don"t know what a German free-body diagram is .

Marnus -
Aditi Tharran
Which university is this?
Jabari Clayton
Thanks for uploading this. I've been trying to figure out what I want to do. I kind of want to be an engineer because I've always enjoyed aviation, but I have a few questions.

1. How was your social/school balance? I've always heard that, no matter the engineering speciality, a lot of engineering students spend a lot of time studying and their social life is on the low end of the spectrum.

2. What made you go into aerospace engineering?

3. What type of person do you think would make a good fit for the engineering major?

4. How hard is engineering? I know it's math-science intensive

5. What was your hardest undergrad class? What made it some difficult?
Patrick Quinn
I’m currently enlisted and shipping out in the USAF to aspire and achieve my goal of becoming an aerospace engineer/astrophysicist at SpaceX or at NASA in the near future. I’m just overall excited to be apart of something so huge and amazing. This video really showed me that even getting to that point might not be that bad either. :))
Shane- Al
Im glad u made this video!
Nissankararao Nithin pavan kumar
can i become a pilot by taking aeronautical or aerospace engineering
Not aerospace but a 2nd year mech engineer major.
Nikola Kovacs
2:25 Gesundheit
Nicholas Nelson
Hawkmoon is coming back bois
Irfan Sheikh
Which university is she studying in?
are you moroccan? wld bladk baghi iwli engineer❤️😉i really want to talk to you about what u did to get into here☺️😊
Alex Coucill
I want to be a aerospace engineer
Dennis Allen
You’re highly intimidating. and I find that very attractive.
Fasih Naqvi
Which country is this?
When do u do study.. all times waste in other activity
Anubhav Prabhakar
got a view of those launch angles🤪 time to launch those rockets now🤪🤪🤪
Andrei Neagu
I want to become an aerospace engineer.I am currently in my junior year at high school.
Aaron Hart
I am doing online classes at ASU so I can still work full-time.
Michel Angelo
You are the sexiest aerospace engineer I have ever seen
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Aerospace Vs Mechanical Engineering - How to Pick Day in The life of an Aerospace Engineering Student 1 day ago   09:24

Aerospace and mechanical engineering are often a common toss up for students because these majors are so similar. The classes you take for both these disciplines are extremely similar.

As an aerospace engineer you will take more specific classes such as aerodynamics and propulsion, whereas mechanical engineers will take general fluid mechanics and thermodynamics that cover a wider range of applications. They also both take classes in structures, controls, vibrations, circuits, and more.

In terms of careers, aerospace engineers usually go into the aerospace industry and work on air or spacecrafts. But remember they can also work in the automotive industry, petroleum, boats, trains, and more. However, mechanical engineers typically have a wider range of career options because they can go into HVAC, alternative energy, biomedical, manufacturing, and much more.

Overall if you know you want to work with aircrafts and spacecrafts, then consider aerospace engineering. If you are not totally sure what you are interested in going into, then consider mechanical engineering.

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