The 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Is an Amazing Track Test: 2017 Chevrolet 11 months ago   18:23

Doug DeMuro



I reviewed the 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1, which is the ultimate Camaro -- and I discovered the Camaro ZL1 is a truly impressive bargain, given its base price of just $65,000. Here's an in-depth look at the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

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Sorry but for $65 grand I'll take a Corvette Grand Sport. At 3,400 lbs vs the Camaro ZL1's 4,000 lb curb weight, the Vette is 600 lbs lighter. Chevy advertises the Grand Sport at 3.6 seconds 0-60, same as the ZL1 Camaro even though it has 190 less HP. But where the Vette will best the Camaro is braking and cornering and the intangible "feel" of a car 600 lbs lighter.

Chevy has done an amazing job making a 4,000 lb Camaro generate lateral acceleration numbers on a smooth skid pad. But they can't overcome the physics of an additional 600 lbs of weight. The Grand Sport does better. Now take that comparison off a perfectly smooth skid pad and the difference becomes even more apparent with quicker reflexes on real world roads with uneven pavement.

Also the Camaro doesn't look anywhere near as good as a Grand Sport and it has some severe problems with outward visibility that borders on claustrophobic. While the Grand Sport isn't exactly perfect when it comes to outward visibility, it's not as bad as the Camaro. Nothing is, LOL.
Gary Houtz
The hp is printed on the dash, dear God that's douche bag designing at it's best.
Giovanni Sosa
Shout out to the dash cam showing RT 35 in Middletown NJ lol
Juan Miguel Reyes
11:24 RIP eardrums
Micheal Stillabower
you didnt even let the oil circulate for 2 seconds before revving the engine.... Id be pissed. you clearly aren't a mechanic.
Defender Prime
I've been a fan of the Camaro since the '07 Transformers movie, been in love with it from that point on! The ZL1 is not the kind of Camaro I would use or need, I mean, a 650 HP car is not for just anybody, obviously! Unless you use it on a track on a regular basis. But the base Camaro would probably suit me just fine as a commute car, you know, to go to work and back home, but I'm a bit of a showoff, so I might have a little fun with it with loud music blasting for the speakers, actually, I already do that with my own car! But I have to say, I simply love the look, it's agressive and to me, one of the coolest cars ever made, I certainly like the look of the Mustang and even the Challenger, but the Camaro hits the bullseye for me, maybe one day, I'll get one myself and enjoy it to the fullest, as it should be! Nice review, Doug!
Spencer Leeper
How did you like the 10 speed in this car? How does it compare to the dual clutches Chevy likes to say it competes with? It certainly sounds fast, but I'd like to here it from someone who has experience with a wide variety of cars like you do.
Coy Leigh
The fact that he gave the gt350r higher styling points is insane to me. I think the zl1 and 1le are some of the best looking cars ever made. 😂
Coy Leigh
That license plate is amazing 😂
Coy Leigh
GM hit an absolute homerun with this vehicle🥰
I noticed Doug, you don't value a longer lasting or rate exterior corrosion control (evident when you rate corvette)  SInking so much cash into a car that you just worry every year...Is this the year that rust shows up al the sudden from the inside out??  How do you really value or how do you consider long term exterior Value?
Nelson Rossiter
3.4 0-60 But ok
As a 17 year old I would feel so deceived like “here take the keys have fun” and you get back home and you get an ear full of how you broke the speed limit 100 times
Matrox One
LOL...he chose an automatic.
mattw 22
Also the wireless charging pad in the back is because if you want to stay of your phone while driving
jonathan rodriguez
5:22 russian dashcams intensify
Can you do the Charger Hellcat? Preferably without crashing?
Jay Kune
I could skunked any zl1 with my Paxton 5.0 (no problem)
Vince Sk8er
can u go to the philippines?
Sorry, but the Camaro has more usable back seats, unless it is the convertible Musty, but I really do not like driving a tent around, but renting a Musty 2.4 and only being a mere passenger, was unforgettable. Would sign for the Camaro, 6 speed manual, idc if it has plastic bushings.
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Track Test: 2017 Chevrolet The 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 Is an Amazing 11 months ago   06:54

"Camaro fans may have noticed something missing from the lineup since the gen-6 launched last year. But most knew it was just a matter of time before a ZL1 would blast its way back onto the scene. And boy has it ever. Boasting performance that your mullet-rocking neighbor of 30-years ago would never have dreamed of. So, here’s to the bow tie faithful everywhere, the 2017 Camaro ZL1."

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