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How Not To Load A New Ford F-350 Truck | 1985 Iroc Z28 Brand New - At Up-Tube.com

How NOT to Load a New Ford F-350 Truck 1985 IROC Z28 BRAND NEW 1 day ago   00:31

Belt Liner
You've got to see how NOT to load a brand new Ford F-350 on a trailer! This guy takes his new dually F-350 and has some of the worst luck possible while trying to drive it up on to large flatbed trailer. Major fail ahead! For some people getting a new truck could be one of the best days of their life. For this guy... we'll let's just say I feel for him. The lesson to be learned? I'm sure you guys will let us know in the comments.

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Are these guys brain dead????? 😡
Kyle S
Bahahahahahahahahahaahahaha. Ita called wheel chocks and why the hell is fast? I guess he/she assumed a ford 6L Power joke wouldn't have the power to make it up the ramp
Snufalufagus Shit
So THATS what a dumb fuck looks like
Derrrr i have big truck I R good driver. I kan dooded this 😂
J Rey
It will probably buff out
Brian Leeper
Hey ya'll, hold muh beer and watch this!
John Doe
That'll wax out....
Mason Berggren
That is why you get a Chevy kids. Haha😂😂
Its Yaboi
It’s ok because it’s a Ford so who cares how he loads it
Some people don’t understand what 3 tonnes does to a moveable ramp... Next time go faster! Atleast 60mph! That way the truck will REALLY be fucked!
kneelz s
Buys a Super Duty 350

Lives on a Cul-de-Sac
Ed Mira
charles duncan jr
That was GREAT!!! Love seeing how incompetent people are at the task on hand. Buy another one and do it again only faster!
Sагцнаи Яetrova794
Funny song
Doc Holliday
douche bag
carl lagle
Dumb arsehole good !
D Dog
give this dude a chevy..... please.
Loud Mike Media
I Have Onboard Racing Videos
Worst editing I've ever seen
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1985 IROC Z28 BRAND NEW How NOT to Load a New Ford F-350 Truck 1 day ago   09:45

Anyone that would like to see what happened to this car after I sold it should visit www.thirdgen(dot)org. Go to the message boards and do a search for "4.3 mile IROC-Z". There are informative comments along with videos and pictures of the car cleaned up and running. All the people that have commented how much work would be needed to clean it up and get it running are proved wrong. The car was sold by that owner over a year ago at a Mecum auction for $27K and has yet to surface again.