Footprints: Discovering the Holocaust through A drone just flew over 1 year ago   08:25

Educational materials for the Footprints for Hope project were created by: Paul Salmons, Head of Curriculum Development, Holocaust Education Development Programme, Institute of Education, University of London, which aims to provide a research-informed, innovative and nationally coordinated programme to help teachers teach about the Holocaust effectively. The principal focus is on developing a national programme of professional development in Holocaust education that will be offered free of charge to teachers in every secondary school in England. Further information can be found at

The Holocaust Centre is the United Kingdom's only dedicated Holocaust memorial and education centre. Founded by Dr.'s Stephen and James Smith in 1995, the Centre welcomes thousands of visitors each year. In September 2008, the Centre launched 'The Journey', the first dedicated holocaust education centre for primary school children. For more information, please visit

Photography of the footwear that serves as the focus for the lesson on the Holocaust was provided courtesy of Olivia Hemingway The shoe is part of the Collections of the Imperial War Museum London The video for educators was produced by Cornelia Reetz, United Kingdom Holocaust Centre, Nottinghamshire.

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A drone just flew over Footprints: Discovering the Holocaust through 1 year ago   03:44

No words can truly capture the horrors of what was perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jewish people in Auschwitz. But, this powerful drone film does so much with a birds-eye view for the visual visitor. The gates of hell as seen from above provide a unique angle to understand that the latest inventions from mankind can be used to destroy and kill if the moral compass of the world becomes so skewed that mass killings become justified or overlooked.