idubbbz gets a speeding ticket Dr Phil Spoiled Teen Spends 7 months ago   11:01

In this family friendly vlog the human characters travel from one point to another. They break human laws (enforcement tactics), and remark about other species misfortune at the heritage zoo in prescott, AZ.



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America Man
what i wanna know is how you got a jeep to get to 95
Mo Bamba
Those poor caged wild animals 😢
Andrew Roberts
You should have put a remembrance for the "roof koreans".
we demand more rajor
wendy kniklbottm
lol pussy
Patrick Swayze's Ghost
The only place in the entire USA that has a 85 speed limit is a single stretch of tollway in rural Texas. The fine is from the Salome justice court in Arizona so he's in Arizona where the speed limit is 75 so he's saying he was going 95? Which is 20 over the speed limit.
Your Local Goth
That dog literally looks like jar jar
Switch_ 0168
7:34 I have that animal. Mexican Raccoon/ Kodamande or sum like that.
Micheal Buckley
Lol you guys went all the way to Prescott to go to Heritage zoo...
Micheal Buckley
Oh shit. I live in Prescott. Wish I saw this earlier
Satan's son bob
I was dropping acid a lot when you posted this lmao rewatching brings back some weird memories
Why did you put the camera down when you thought the cop is coming? You can film in a car. You could also have filmed to pullover.
Gunk Punk
I’m from AZ and every time he said “Prescott” I fucking lost it lmao
Harry Stallone
hahaha motherfucker
Drew Williams
Holy shit how am I just now finding this? I fucking live in Prescott and I missed an idubbbz visit? I'll never forgive myself.
Devil Dog54500
Look at this big forehead nerd lookin ass nigga i beat the fuck out the nigga
Where the Jordan bicep footage at
Curious Toast
Its preskit motherfucker
Trippy Immortal
They didnt kill hitler, he committed suicide
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Dr Phil Spoiled Teen Spends idubbbz gets a speeding ticket 7 months ago   17:07

Dr phil is BACK vs some spoiled tween
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