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Leinenkugel beer tour with the man himself, Dick Leinenkugel! 🍻

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Love the Summer Shandy!
That grapefruit shady is mighty tasty and very easy to drink. But be careful cause it’ll sneak up on your ass.
Kodiak Cleveland
Yeah!!!! WISCONSIN!!!
P Hab
Mmmm summer shanty
Dude I really miss your Shows and the crew from drinking made easy >> any talks of new show?
Albert Shamah
Great one!! ZANE. Where. Is. Pliplius.
Dan Trass
love that beer! we just call it Fruity Pebbles though... dont ask me why
The Summer Shandy (lemon) beer is outstanding! We buy cases and cases of it just before the end of summer so we have some during the fall, winter and spring.
Tom Martinez
I love Leinenkugel original! I also love that Wisconsin has a bajillion bars.
Cody Holliday
hometown pride!
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Yosemite • HIDDEN TRAIL • The park's Leinenkugel: Hard to pronounce, easy 1 day ago   05:46

There's a hidden trail in Yosemite that leads to the most amazing view in the park! John Muir's favorite trail to Sierra Point was concealed from a rock slide in the 1970's, but I'll give you some clues on how to find it.

This isn't necessarily a "secret" trail, as it was once a trail that was maintained by the Sierra Club (founded by John Muir) for Yosemite NPS. After a rock slide, it became too dangerous to get into the trail, but once you climb over the boulders, the trail is fairly evident (although it's more difficult now, because it's not cared for). If you do this hike, make sure you are wearing actual hiking shoes and don't hike alone.

WARNING: The National Park Services advises people to not climb this trail. So, seriously, don't. :)

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