Super Crush KO Gameplay (E3 2019 All 22 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release 2 days ago   07:36

Watch as we play through the Bayonetta/DMC-like 3D brawler Super Crush KO's E3 demo, coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2020. Made by Vertex Pop, the creators of Graceful Explosion Machine.

Footage from PC version


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I don't know... The visuals are pretty, but not interesting.
I like the linear-oriented gameplay. Not really interested in the music though.
RJ Para
So basically hit everything unless its red.
Will Coons
It’s for the switch, but the button cues are for the PlayStation
Them Mango Bois
Needs more hit impact. Perhaps there is a rumble with the joycons but on screen the combat doesn't look like its impactful.
Victoria Bell
Looks promising. Can't wait until it's release on the Switch. Also, this is more 2D than 3D...
Matthew Berrios
This game looks awesome, as much as "My Friend Pedro". There has never been this much indies on a Nintendo console before.
Azrael Rose
Aww! It’s like Bayo and Streets of Rage had a baby. Though I’m still puzzled by the “3D” in the description….
Rule34 artists... in 2..1...
luzio sol
I misread this as SUPER CRUSH 40 and got excited thinking of Sonic.
mclain edward
Ooo this game looks fun
That One Guy Who knows where you live
It looks nice
But I am not buying it
Jesus christ why does it seem like it's only Nintendo that makes games for their consoles. No one wants this mediocre flash game
WilliamT S
Looks interesting, just hoping there's more variety in combat as a limited moveset isn't great for a ranking system like this
91.8 Elk
Looks like a flash game from 10-15 years ago... A fancy one for sure. But it looks like Newgrounds in its prime...
No. 2
Anyone getting Guacamelee vibes ?
MLG MasterJJ 46
This gives off a guacumelee vibe
Press A to start
Use Playstation 4 controller layout
Footage from PC version

Chip Wiseman
Ooh, this is one to watch! It honestly looks a lot more fun than its 3D inspirations, by virtue of being able to see the whole arena at once so nothing blindsides you.
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All 22 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Super Crush KO Gameplay (E3 2019 2 days ago   10:36

This week 4 July 2019 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like?

-- Games in this video --

0:18 Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark
1:00 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
1:26 Roguelike Hero
2:06 Hundred Days
2:32 Soul Searching
3:01 A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home
3:27 Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition
3:58 Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries
4:22 Wreckin’ Ball Adventure
4:47 Citrouille
5:12 Bakery Simulator
5:37 Hayfever
6:03 Shinobi Spirits S: Legend of Heroes
6:28 Hoggy 2
6:53 Orange Island

-- Release Date Update --

7:18 Northgard
7:43 DC Universe Online
8:09 Solo: Islands of the Heart
8:34 FIA European Truck Racing Championship
9:00 The Forbidden Arts
9:25 Chroma Squad
9:51 Resident Evil 5 and 6

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