The Threat of AI Weapons An evening with Dr Michio Kaku 1 year ago   06:47

Will artificial intelligence weapons cause World War III?
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I'm not sure how alarmed to be about artificial intelligence. Personally I think it's really hard to predict when we'll create a machine that essentially has consciousness. That's because we don't know what consciousness is, how it works, what's required to create it etc. So It might be technologically around the corner or a hundred years away.

What I do think is more predictable is the development of autonomous weapons that use AI to be the most effective killing machines of all time. That is scary. As outline by people like Musk and Hawking, this threat is clear and present so we should address it. I would like to see us agree as a species not to develop these sorts of weapons because if any one state does develop them, they would be very hard to stop.

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An evening with Dr Michio Kaku The Threat of AI Weapons 1 year ago   27:55

World-renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, with the help of THINK INC., visited Australia in June 2014, captivating the public with his superhuman ability to comprehensively communicate complex scientific concepts and advancements (both current and future) to audiences across all degrees of interest in science, from professional to personal to casual.

These are some of the highlights of his Melbourne talk, filmed at MCEC on June 6th 2014.

Dr. Michio Kaku the co-founder of string theory, which proposes to revolutionise the way we understand the physical world. He is also the author of critically acclaimed books such as Parallel Worlds (2004), Physics of the Impossible (2008), and most recently the bestselling The Future of the Mind (2014).

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