The Threat of AI Weapons An evening with Dr Michio Kaku 11 months ago   06:47

Will artificial intelligence weapons cause World War III?
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I'm not sure how alarmed to be about artificial intelligence. Personally I think it's really hard to predict when we'll create a machine that essentially has consciousness. That's because we don't know what consciousness is, how it works, what's required to create it etc. So It might be technologically around the corner or a hundred years away.

What I do think is more predictable is the development of autonomous weapons that use AI to be the most effective killing machines of all time. That is scary. As outline by people like Musk and Hawking, this threat is clear and present so we should address it. I would like to see us agree as a species not to develop these sorts of weapons because if any one state does develop them, they would be very hard to stop.

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Nick MaGrick
war never changes, until it gets to the point where war stops all things from changing forever, or is inevitably eliminated.
Delfino Garza
And where are you gonna get the batteries for this robot army? This is AI Army is a red herring.
Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
I'm always in favor of technological development, no matter the consequences.
Ketan Patel
AI is here to stay. The threat of AI is not violence, but lost of jobs for the masses. In the video they had hinted this by stating that the unmanned drone battleship cost 20k per day to operate meanwhile the manned one was somewhere around ~700k a day. We won't need humans to employed for their intelligence if a machine can be the intellectual. Faster, smarter, no breaks, no complaining. I hold a comp sci degree with 20yrs of exp. I picked up AI courses in 2017 so that I can bring oil to the the machines. The rise of the machines 💯✔☕
Elmokhtar Mchich
Really the same feeling man
Boston dynamics are making the real droid
david klebs
remote piloted vehicles, sure. AI? nope. sorry, AI will never happen, despite what the charlatan Musk seems to think.....AI is just a current buzzword that's repackaged from the 50s so computer programmers can try to stroke their own egos and make more money.

Computers don't "think"...they never have, and never will. they simply execute a program, even extremely complicated ones, that can appear as ordered independent thought, but is still none the less just a program. Computers don't in ANY WAY process information like a living being does, and is completely incapable of cognitive reasoning and self awareness.

If we ever find a way of making true AI, it will be done by biologists, not computer coders. And even then, why does everyone assume that real AI would be any more intelligent than an actual human brain, or for that matter a faster thinker? Just because a computer processes information fast now, doesn't mean it can do it at the same rate if it had the abilities of real brains.

AI has always been a joke to me, and i laugh when people make claims that there have been all these "miraculous" advances on the subject.....AI has been touted as being achievable since the invention of the transistor.....and it still hasn't happened yet.
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Peace walker? Wink wink*
Rex 591
Scientists are very irresponsible as to what they research and develop. They pull the, "there's nothing I can do about that", card far too often.
Brian B
emp everything
Wade Wilson
Autonomous weapons are a real threat.
AI is not.
Sooo, you're saying I should stop playing around with my Arduino controlled drone? And definitely I should've never mounted airsoft cannons to it, or IR head to head FPV? You've got to be kidding me. People actually think there is a way to prevent this from evolving, or a way to stop it, or control it. LOL. I see it like the this. The first people that do this, will have the superior advantage. So I guess everyone better stop the philosophic nonsense, and embrace it. It's kind of like, stop worrying and learn to love the AI.
Also, it doesn't help that the weapons in this video look aesthetically rad af.
Did... did he just call Elon Musk an expert?
TTB - Teodor The Best - New Channel
Once the AI developing would be done, they would no longer need us. At that point, the hopes of revolting against or changing the world would be innexistent
Don't worry, if the AI became super intelligent it would want no wars and eradicate the warmongering human speci-... wait...
World War 3 is caused by the world powers fighting over time-travel technology, developed by a girl whose consciousness is preserved in an AI named Amadeus
Sandeep Gaurav
just stop making weapons in general
Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.
I hope it turns smart and then brings about a quick end to humans, job done.
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An evening with Dr Michio Kaku The Threat of AI Weapons 11 months ago   27:55

World-renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, with the help of THINK INC., visited Australia in June 2014, captivating the public with his superhuman ability to comprehensively communicate complex scientific concepts and advancements (both current and future) to audiences across all degrees of interest in science, from professional to personal to casual.

These are some of the highlights of his Melbourne talk, filmed at MCEC on June 6th 2014.

Dr. Michio Kaku the co-founder of string theory, which proposes to revolutionise the way we understand the physical world. He is also the author of critically acclaimed books such as Parallel Worlds (2004), Physics of the Impossible (2008), and most recently the bestselling The Future of the Mind (2014).

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