HW News - Corsair AIO Recall, 5nm Process, My "Handle Most Things" Tool 3 months ago   16:30

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This week's hardware news talks about a Corsair CLC/AIO recall, TSMC 5nm process progress, Intel's 56-core CPU, and more.
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Show notes: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3456-hw-news-corsair-clc-recall-tsmc-56-core-cpu
GNSteve side-channel: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPyoMnuKvRSInjdKwuIbu3vj

Corsair is recalling one lot (fewer than 1%) of its Platinum closed-loop liquid coolers due to a known leak. This issue isn't widespread, fortunately, but owners of affected coolers should respond to the recall.

TSMC is working on risk production of its 5nm process and already has some customer designs being made on the new node. More news to follow.

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Host: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick

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Gamers Nexus
Sorry about the capture resolution. Seems something went screwy in processing to YT. We capture screenshots for news at 8K, so it's not a resolution issue. We'll check the final/processed videos more closely next time.
Show notes: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3456-hw-news-corsair-clc-recall-tsmc-56-core-cpu
GN Steve side channel: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPyoMnuKvRSInjdKwuIbu3vj
Find our 9980XE lapped CPU results here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/nLNZ8Wd32vt
Intel 56 core cpu running at 400mhz turbo at 500W

wE hAvE gOoD cPuS tOo!!
the one you dont see
intel is just trying to justify the coming prices for there 10nm chips when amd zen 2 will be aiming at 5ghz turbo with there 7nm fab along with chiplet design first pci-e gen4 chipset and 16 cores for mainstream chipset aswell for cheeper than intels coming after with only 10 cores in mainstream for next gen.
Let me guess about amd, a good batch of new cpu’s and a gpu set that wont be as good as nvidia’s current offerings
people are just letting their anti-china feeling affect their opinions of epic this is so bullshit.
Jon P Ybanez
7:12 "64-core 112-thread flagship" RIP Math skillz. just kidding, Steve. there's a lot of effort put into these news vids and i look forward to each one that's uploaded
Doc Ferringer
$1600 for an overpriced mobo and a CPU guaranteed run a 100MHz overclock for an extra $210? If your 9900K can't hit 5.1GHz then you are doing something wrong.

How about this instead:
Buy a $200 Gigabyte Z390 board that will have more than enough voltage regulation for your 9900K. Buy two 9900Ks and keep the one with the best overclock. Put the extra $420 you just saved toward a good power supply to further improve your overclock, or maybe a 2TB NVMe SSD. Or maybe resell that other 9900K on eBay with the stable overclock numbers and mark it up a few bucks, then put the $500 for the CPU together with the $420 you saved toward an RTX 2080? The possibilities are endless!
Rob Inson
How is Intel starting to get serious? The cost of that 56 core CPU is eye-watering.
Berry McCockiner
Lol sick I have a cooler that’s affected
Edward Park
mountain biker daredevil steve best steve! C or D?
Spike V
Sooo ... do we see an AM4 EVGA Dark ? 
 . . .  killer new showcase build coming up (EU) - just awaiting 7nm

" ... this video brought to you by ... ah, . . . remember these guys ... "
Maybe with Easter coming up, it's time to see exactly how many eggs are in one basket ???????
Cs Dn
If you believe that a company that has a 40% stake in another company doesn't have some level of control, I have a bridge to sell you along with some ocean front property outside Yuma Arizona.... >.>
Elsa Debroglie
People are still buying corsair products? OMEGALUL!
Spyware or not, if you hold 40% of a company, you DO HAVE power over their decisions. If you think otherwise, you don't know about business economics.
It will never happen, but the best way to put everyone's mind at ease is to make the launcher open source, that's one of the reasons why open source is the future, unfortunately you can't trust anyone.
Daniel Lord
Intel with a 56-core CPU? Based on past pricing, they will probably want my first-born for it. I'll stay with AMD for CPUs thanks.
Caden Rezner
Dammit why do you gotta be such a cool ass person 😤😛
Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
What is that valve doing in the frame of the bicycle? Is it hydralics for breaking or something? 3:55
Next video u need to do is the horrible customer service on the recall Aio Corsair has !!!
"very unique"???? really!!
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My "Handle Most Things" Tool HW News - Corsair AIO Recall, 5nm Process, 3 months ago   12:27

The latest in my "hacker gear" video series, this video showcases a little-seen kit of gear that tends to always live in the bottom of my suitcase whenever I'm traveling somewhere for work or for conferences. It's true that I keep my luggage very light if I'm bouncing off somewhere fun for a week, but if I'm on business travel for a conference (or even just visiting family, where there's a chance I'll have to repair or adjust something) then this kit can handle any basic problems that come up in the lock world.

Whether those tasks are entry-related or repair-related, chances are this kit has my needs covered. Think of it as a super micro lightweight version of the assortment of tools and gear that are in my company's field cases when we head out to penetration and covert entry target sites.

Like before, I'll do my best to put links in the description to most of the items you see here. These are just the tools that I think personally work well for *me* but they might not exactly be what's best for you. Take any inspiration you want, discard anything you don't like, and get past whatever obstacles come your way!

Wera screwdriver

Wiha tiny screwdriver

Tamper Torx

Traveler Hook

Adams Rite wire

Peterson Mini Knives


Piano Wire

Tiny Magnets

Magnetic Viewing Film

Magnetic Search Pole

Door Shims

Flat Gaff Tape

Gerber Multitool

Good luck on finding FILM but all credit to @blesstheinfosec for this tactic


Jamb Pins

Schlage amazing follower

UV Powder

Impression Grip
homemade from a Wiha handle, given to me by a German lockpicker

Tubular Pick