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The Strange Reason Why Enes Kanter | Lebron James Vs Enes Kanter - At Up-Tube.com

The Strange Reason Why Enes Kanter LeBron James vs Enes Kanter 1 day ago   10:21

Hassan Whiteside Trade Video: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/YYaW7qxazwZ
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Can't believe he did not get copyright claim for that beat by Tupac
Avanish Misra
If you do 3 or 4 topics per video try to keep it to around 20 minutes, but this format is still good! Great video Mike!!
AJ Playz
Jamal Monteiro-Tule
they needed him to pick a side quick because they were trying to make a trade with Miami because if he said yea than there would be no reason to trade for hassan wightside .
You dont need a modern center when youre backcourt is dame and cj.
Elmyda 1537
Make fun of u? Couldnt agree with u more!!!!!!
Desmond Delgado
Definitely like multiple story's more vs just one story.
One topic.
Prod. Arian
nice video, btw can you start streaming summer league games?
Kyle Campbell
The reason the blazers probably didnt give him long is because hes known the minimum is all we could offer him and they probably had the Hassan whiteside trade ready to go and didnt want to mess that up if kanter wasn't coming back
Small Small
The heat were probably pressing them to pull the trigger on the whiteside trade
Why like all of these clips against my bulls? lol you a hater lowkey
Either 6 or 45 minutes, that's a shame, Enes was playing with heart!
Alex Dresvyannikov
K.L. is a done deal with LA, finalizing minor terms!!! La champs this year and next!
One video on bombs are fine
Mr. Cub Fan 415
If Kawhi abandons his Toronto teammates, Imma be pissed 😤
Not Fromdowntown 30
like that respect for tupac.
Dungeon Boys
The Landonatorr
Kawhi is on the Lakers bruh
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LeBron James vs Enes Kanter The Strange Reason Why Enes Kanter 1 day ago   05:39

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