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DashCam Driver
I don't seek out confrontation but this guy stopped and looked like he wanted to have a conversation so I was happy to oblige. I wish i hadn't raised my voice but something to different next time.

UPDATE: The first Vehicle Code quote should read, “a means of conveyance propelled by human power OTHER THAN A BICYCLE.” There was apparently a glitch during the upload which randomly cut that text out. It’s there in the edit but not on YouTube. So weird.

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Debraval Reyes
Name calling Is common to sheep
As a cyclist, I get frustrated by these people as well. You aren't a pedestrian until you get off your bike and walk it, otherwise you follow the same rules as a motor vehicle. It doesn't matter right or wrong when the car weighs 10x as much as you. I'm thankful to every car that doesn't hit me when I'm on the road and I try to show that by keeping out of their way and demonstrating courtesy. I also try to take the less traveled routes and go to a bike specific trail for long rides. I figure we do it mostly for exercise, so if it makes it harder it doesn't matter I'm going for a work out not bragging rights about how far or how fast I rode.
Scooper MG
He was seeing, yes, and you definitely did seek out a confrontation.
Do you chastise many drivers that infringe traffic laws? I doubt it.
Mo Chubby
Entitled bicyclists, entitled BMW drivers of cars and motorcycles and bold entitled drivers of lifted American and Japanese pickup trucks are a nuisance to everyone following the proper rules of the road.
Bill Kelly
Just run them over!
Dan Berserk
NYC, the most concentrated area of dipshit, arrogant, law breaking, bicyclists.
Try coming to NYC, the cyclists break every goddamn traffic law.
Tony chatwin
Fucken cyclists are morons
Joe Masello
For every one of these road rules warrior vids there's probably a hundred near death experience vids of aggressive idiot car driver's almost killing a bicyclist.
Christopher Collins
What a worthless video. I can waste your time too by taping all the idiots in cars, semis, delivery trucks, moronic pedestrians, and inconsiderate dogs, raccoons and road-hogging flamingoes. You’d make an actually persuasive argument by showing germaine, normal, standard bicyclist behavior and demonstrate why you think its awful. I should use this stupid video to demonstrate why people hate YouTube content creators, and it would actually serve its purpose, unlike yours.
I live near a bicycle path. It crosses a well traveled street in which the cars have the right of way and there are posted yield signs for the cyclists. The cyclists have their nifty little foot clips, travel in groups like sheep, dressed in all their fancy clothes and they act so annoyed when a car doesn't stop for them!! They flip drivers off and yell at us. They hate to stop because that part of their path is a long straight area where they pick up speed and they think that they are considered pedestrians and have the right of way. Someday.....there just might be a whole bag of thumb tacks spilled along that path..... 😎
Lee Dabin
I don't know why bikers hate me when i overtake them when their speed is like a turtle's, some shout, some curse, some look at me like they want to do something, and a guy literally kicked my bike while me still on it, (because i crashed onto him, it wasn't because i was careless, it was because he turned without a flasher and i crashed onto him, also he was on the wrong side of the road)
Jeff Stieren
Entitlement , it’s everywhere ! Idiots are entitled, or at least that’s what they think. Caring people appreciate and want to do what’s right.
Let’s be clear, when you get hit by a car for being a idiot, that’s Karma at its best.
Jow Bloe
Thank you for referring to the cyclist as a vehicle, now, as a cyclist, I just wish more drivers would treat me as a vehicle.
The worst thing that can happen to a car if a bicycle makes a mistake is a few scratches on your vehicle.
The worst thing that can happen to a cyclist if a driver makes a mistake is a dead cyclist.
Donald Vinsonhaler
I am cyclist and this guy is clearly in the wrong his likes give cyclist a bad name.
Ian wallace
This is very common.
Which is why I moved out of Los Angeles 120 miles to a town population 2800...
It's a slice of Heaven..
The cyclist may have been technically in the wrong but what he did was hardly dangerous or anything other than a mild inconvenience. By leglislating for cars and cyclists to be treated the exact same when they arent remotely similar you are aleays going to run into issues. Brain dead laws brain dead outcomes.
Not all but a LOT of cyclist I have encountered/witnessed break a LOT of the laws and still feel entitled....
Mark Kus
Problem is with almost every dumb cyclist is they ride abreast each other outside The cycling lane in the road and do not ride inline!
I use to bike with friends and we always rode in-line!
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