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DashCam Driver
I don't seek out confrontation but this guy stopped and looked like he wanted to have a conversation so I was happy to oblige. I wish i hadn't raised my voice but something to different next time.

UPDATE: The first Vehicle Code quote should read, “a means of conveyance propelled by human power OTHER THAN A BICYCLE.” There was apparently a glitch during the upload which randomly cut that text out. It’s there in the edit but not on YouTube. So weird.

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Arthur01gr The original
So, I was cycling one evening when a car passed by me honking. I was on the road, bc there are no bike lanes where I live and there were parked cars, so I couldn't go closer to the sidewalk. When this guy honked at me, we were before a turn, so he could've slowed down instead of honking at me, like I was doing something wrong. Just like that man said on the vid, bicycles are vehicles and they have to be on the road and not on the sidewalk. That's what you get when you are living in a country where literally everyone breaks the traffic laws, mostly the speed limit...
Lazy Tazey
Bro these America’s “you’re stupid” and shit if this was Australia ( which by the way aussies fucking hate the wank stains ) we would be swearing our fucking heads off calling them a ‘cunt’ every 3rd word
Stylo F
Cyclists are dumb cunts. Surprised more of them dont get fucking killed.
Shogun Yogi
Just run them over , a broken leg solves alot of problems that talking cant
That spode needs to learn how to do a track stand.
John Branski
It’s another cycle. Cycle of hate. Cyclist hate Drivers and Drivers hate Cyclist. A couple of negative interactions and there experiences cause them to hate each other. The majority of our species are gonna kill one another. Even if the cyclist did wrong, why does it bother the driver sooo much? Is he perfect? He’s just as much of an asshole as the cyclist and as much as everyone else. He’s gotta be somewhere? I bet you the cyclist has to be somewhere too.
I am a cyclist and I obey all the laws yet all motorists hate me. I still couldn't figure out what am I doing wrong.
Adam Hunt
Not all cyclists are like this, there are a lot of pricks out there, but there are good ones who follow the rules
Daniel Rios
I have a bike and I even know that guy was in the wrong.
Bentley Enthusiast
1.7K dislikes are from entitled cyclists
Seth diaz
These people on bicycles like that moron on this video he thinks he's turning on the Park Lane is like right in front of himhe thinks he is right and we're all dumb an idiot and then moron that's we in his point of view when I think he's the one that's being an dumb idiot moron who's with me what are you guys staying give me your opinions
Both people sounded like their balls haven't dropped yet.
Lightbridge Boy
I'm a cyclist and a driver; this cyclist clearly went past the stop line at the red light, then blocked your turn, then compounded those mistakes with false justifications/arguments and topped it off by cursing at you. You seemed very reasonable and in the right. On behalf of all of us who do our best to cycle and share the road, please accept my apology for him. I hope he sees the video, feels bad about his performance, and commits to being a better rider going forward.
Impressive MvP
Why don't we kill all those cyclists and move on.. not even god or jesus care about it anyway 😂
Ned Connell
as a bicyclist and a transportation engr - that guy is an idiot - quick point of legal reference - when you have 1or both feet in the pedals - you are a vehicle - when you have both feet out of the pedals you are a pedestrian - meaning that he could have "walked" across the intersection - however against a red light that would be J walking
However the vast majority of bicyclists that I have almost killed on the road (not bike lane) are those who believe they are pedestrians on wheels.
Philo in the Philippines
Looks like Southern California to me. Yeah that guy is a douchbag and now you got him as a Youtube Star it's just Brilliant.
J . Steven Hutchens
Some of these bike riders somehow get a charge out being obnoxious. They do it on purpose to get attention.
Scott Danger
He called names first. You win.
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