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DashCam Driver
I don't seek out confrontation but this guy stopped and looked like he wanted to have a conversation so I was happy to oblige. I wish i hadn't raised my voice but something to different next time.

UPDATE: The first Vehicle Code quote should read, “a means of conveyance propelled by human power OTHER THAN A BICYCLE.” There was apparently a glitch during the upload which randomly cut that text out. It’s there in the edit but not on YouTube. So weird.

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Lolly Logan
I detest cyclists.
Chris Loewen
He actually does have the right of way. Tge right of way to get hit by a car.
Mike Hines
Cyclists also hate drivers when you run stop signs and T-boned me I follow all the rules of the road and very courteous it's your two thousand pounds or more against my Hundred 75 lb there are just as many stupid drivers as there are cyclists
Freak_ 54
When you hate the people call the police. Its simpl when he break a law. From a bicyclist
nonya biz
Just had a similar thing happen to me, when I held my hands up at him to convey a "wtf are you doing?" his response was also to yell "I have the rightaway!". Dude went from being on the shoulder across the street, to the middle of the road, to cutting in front of me while I'm pulling out within 2 seconds - didn't signal because he was pulling a second bike with his other hand. They think they're allowed to jump between pedestrian and vehicle any time they feel like it and everyone needs to watch out for them, this arrogance will wind these cyclists in the hospital. When the Dr tells them they'll be in a wheelchair the rest of their life you know their reaction will be to blankly stare forward and whisper to themselves "but I had the rightaway....".
Danny Taylor
Theres stupid people out there
BM Aus
Just another cockhead on a bike - see the fuckwits every day.
thumper styles
They dont obey traffic laws they think they are beyond the law
Kevin Murphy
Any cyclist that is arrogant enough to think they don't have to follow the laws of the road deserves to become a puddle on said Road and nobody should have any sympathy for them. In just about every state a person riding a bike has to do so on the road and follow all of the same laws a car does and if they don't know that the above still applies.
Terry Tk
Good analysis! Thanks for posting g.
Lets see him say he has the right of way when his skull goes under a car tire
Bill Lombard
NYC Bicyclists are the biggest D bags ever
luanne dimaggio
I am a cyclist and you are really right. He screwed up. Sorry.
No he is in front of you. You are obliged not to hit him.
janak kava
Yes he is an idiot that cycle is an 'vehicle'
Elliot Stevenson
pretty brave stuff here. hope you're ok.
Karlo Tvrtko
Make video about your inbred stupid cagers.
Ok, as a cyclicst, that cyclist is a retard. But it's people like him that gives the rest of us a bad name. I've had drivers walk up to me and start picking a fight for no effing reason(well, technically, their reason is "you cyclist!! You bad!! Must rage!!"), but it always ends with them on their ass, but it's a repeating cycle(lol, get it?), but what am I supposed to do? Just put up with their BS because last week some dumb cyclist cut in front of them? If that were the case, I'd be slashing the tires off every car just because one time, one entitled prick decided to run a red light and almost killed me, but I friggin don't, one doesn't represent the many.
Han Winogrond
A few things to consider. If he had stopped at the stop line you would have had to patiently wait behind him until the light changed to make your turn. I am sure you would have happily done that but most cyclists don't feel comfortable forcing cars to wait behind them and often times it creates angry drivers. Once drivers understand the awkward position of a cyclist on the road, especially in areas where it isn't clear where they should be, it might help explain some behavior.

Although bicycles have been defined by motor vehicle codes as vehicles they are nothing like a car and car infrastructure doesn't work for them because it wasn't designed with them in mind. Slapping some green paint on the road doesn't change that very much.

Bicycles are much more versatile than a car, the operator has a much better field of view and awareness of her surroundings, and she is in much greater danger by aggressive and distracted drivers. Cyclists have very little control over their own safety. They just have to trust that the vehicles behind them won't hit them, sometimes they do. It's a very disempowering position, that tends to adrenaline load the rider and also make them look to balance that power gap. One way to do that is to run lights that drivers wouldn't dare run. Once we understand how behavior works we can start to get a real grasp on just how inadequate our cycling infrastructure is and how it directly leads to cyclists breaking traffic laws. When you factor in that many traffic laws are irrelevant, confusing or just don't apply to cyclists at all it's hard to make a case for cyclists to obey car laws at all. It's also clear how our nasty roads eventually create a population of mostly aggressive, highly defensive cyclists while all the less hardcore decide to drive.

It's also worth noting that the vast majority of drivers have no idea what the laws even are when it comes to sharing a road with a cyclist and all but the most timid drivers default to thinking they have the right of way all the time. In maritime we call it the tonnage rule (which isn't a rule at all except to say if it's bigger get out of the way). Unfortunately, that backfires for cyclists b.c. it reinforces the mistake and makes the streets more dangerous for cyclists in the long run as drivers see that they can intimidate cyclists.

Lastly, driving is an inherently frustrating and dehumanizing activity. Cyclists very deliberately choose to travel in a less awful way. The problem is frustrated drivers often take their frustration out on vulnerable road users.
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