A Weekend (of getting lost) IN BEIJING, TOKYO FOR THE WEEKEND! 6 months ago   03:29

18. I was able to make a quick trip over to Beijing a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to putting some of the clips together

Beijing was awesome, I really enjoyed my time. made a couple friends along the way and I hope to go back soon ( + i paid for this visa and it lasts a long time so..) and it's actually not that difficult getting around if you have internet on your phone, but i had to go old school with a physical map which was kind of out dated so i got lost 1 or 10 times

Leo Hostel - great location, pretty cheap, friendly english speaking staff.. would definitely recommend. They also hooked it up with a sweet spot on the great wall (there were zero tourists there)

klook.com for a SIM card + cheap hook ups
+ download a VPN on your phone before you get to China so that you can use google/social media sites/other sites that are blocked


Song: Evil Needle & Mo Vibez - Move
Camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett

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Shubreet Nagra
Hi again ! I love this video ! I’m going to Korea to teach English soon and China is definitely one of the countries I want to visit . Did you need a visa to go there ? If so how did you get one.
And is there a process to enter and leave Korea if your visa says single entry ?
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She's my chitlins and collard greens.
Taye Asfaw
Like your inspiring vidioes !! I am wating for your next vidios lol it was nice meeting you last week .
everyтнιng lit
Hey this yab tapped you from back 😃😃 like your videos . it was nice meeting you .
You're beautiful, are you east African? you look east african.
love it
Ewnettm beautiful :)
Dardar B
Wow you’re so beautiful, what an inspiration
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TOKYO FOR THE WEEKEND! A Weekend (of getting lost) IN BEIJING, 6 months ago   04:51

05. haaaay, last weekend a couple friends and I hit Tokyo up, and I put together some of the footage I was able to get. There is a lot to see in Tokyo and we fit in as much as we could during the two days. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to explore more of Japan! I tried to label most of the places during the video for those interested.

I don't know why the lighting got all wonky once i published this video.. and I don't have the skill nor energy to fix it. also, the volume gets pretty loud sometimes. heads up :)

background music was put together by my brotherrrrr

k that's all. byeeeeeeee

IG / SC: ewnett