RAMORA {Catch Clean Cook} Garfish {catch clean cook} 3 months ago   13:20

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Nature's Finest
LOL at the end Rob licked his fingers after eating and wiped em on his daughter's PJ's! bahahaha that was sly
Jake Klassen
Im not gonna add anything, im gonna add some salt
Destiny Desire Toretto
I just dont think the twirl was necessary
mike jones
Bro you have the best videos on utube and your family is just amazing.Everyone should enjoy the happiness that you do God has surely blessed you in many ways...Thanks for letting me get a glimpse of your wonderful life...
Řôběřť ť
Wtf i didn't expect that fish to be so big
Hayden Johnstone
11:25 smell that sizzle
Mtg players: no kill mystic fish pay upkeep
Resonate Foxtrot
You need a black stone flat top grill they are good for fish
jimokie edc
God bless you sir...I know your a good man
jimokie edc
Wow look so fun sir
adrian crespo
I’m not gunna season it but put salt,seasoning and lemon 😂😂😂
Paul D. Fishing
I've always tossed them back. I guess I'll be eating them from now on.
playstationplays 123
I would love just too spend a day with you your so positive
Gary Leach
To correct myself, I know you live next to the Atlantic.
Gary Leach
I live hundreds of miles from the Gulf. This is all new and interesting. Hope the hurricane leaves your family unscathed. Best wishes.
Anthony Murphy
I want a shirt thar says : are you kidding me.
David Azinger
Ramora has fins and scales so it's a clean fish; as clean as salmon; so, im sure it is good; God made it clean for eatin'. Better one bite of Ramora than an entire catfish (unclean/ fins but no scales) !!! See Lev. 11
xxxWolfgamingxxx Boi

Me: Am I in heaven!?!?

Duh fish:you are in heaven (◐‿◑)
Max Szakacs
11:20 smell that sissel lmao
Who is the woman in the Marines shirt? She's beautiful
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Garfish {catch clean cook} RAMORA {Catch Clean Cook} 3 months ago   13:58

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