Lionel Messi - Top 10 Impossible Solo Lionel Messi ● The Top 10 Goals Ever 1 month ago   06:30

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Lionel Messi - Top 10 Impossible Solo Goals Ever ● Legendary One-Man Show ● HD

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Amba Pohthmi
I love messi
Abdu Salam
Messi best player
abubakar mirza
Background music
Pritam Pai
If you are a true Messi fan...then u Must Watch this --.
Klalrinpuia Madingi
No one can replace Messi Like if you do
Only God can play better than him...Genius 😘😘😘😘
Sumantra Basu
MESSI is great
What has Messi achieved that Ronaldo has not? Cristiano definetly has better record at biggest stages where plays best teams. Ronaldo is supreme against messi in UCL and also has a international trophy. Even ballon dors are even. You really cant compare them as a player. Ronaldo has some better attributes and so has messi.
jolly ramirez
Greatest of all time...
Albert Quackaduck Reacts
Arsene Wenger said it best...he is a playstation player...I reacted to this for the first time on my channel and wow!!!
Lucas Palomino
Vamos Messi, tenés que ganar por lo menos un mundial capo, te re queremos
Auner Maldonado
I like Messi 👍 if you agree
Fahad c
messi is best of world 1 st player
jini binuji
Unbelievable talent
Miloud Hida
Oui messi Nice
Freedom Peach Bright
I can confirm he is the best. Dont compare him to anyone else. Just kẻep calm and watch his show!
Anmol Gaming
Chal nahi raha
Petr Bergmann
Fahim Hossan
He is a real boss
La Footballeuse
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Lionel Messi ● The Top 10 Goals Ever Lionel Messi - Top 10 Impossible Solo 1 month ago   07:30

Leo Messi is his International Team Argentina's top scorer ever with 55 goals. After losing his 4th final with national team Lionel Messi has accounced retirement from his national team. He may change his decision later but if he doesn't then his International Career ends here.
LIO Messi has scored many many amazing goals with Argentina. Some of them are against great teams and a handful of them are just legendary. Free kicks , Under the Wall Free Kick. Solo goals , Volleys , Headers , penalties , Chips & Lobs even Long Range Strikes are in there in his Argentina goals collection. Here is the ultimate best goals compilation of Lionel Messi with Argentina. Messi Top Ten Goals Ever with Argentina in His Whole International Football Career so far. Let's just say so far (hoping Messi continues with his national team). Enjoy in 1080i !

There are 6 more goals as honorable mentions. These goals are really great but still couldn't make it to the top 10 list.
Messi Ultimate Top 10 Goals for Argentina :
- Messi Solo Goal vs Bosnia 2014 ,
- Messi Solo Goal vs Brazil 2010 ,
- Messi Free Kick Goal vs Paraguay 2012 ,
- Messi Free Kick Goal vs Uruguay 2012 ,
- Messi Long-Shot goal vs Brazil 2005 U-20 World Cup ,
- Messi Long Range Goal vs Guatemala 2013 ,
- Messi Chip / Lob Goal vs Mexico 2007 ,
- Messi Free Kick Goal vs USA 2016 ,
- Messi Curve Goal vs Iran 2014 ,
- Messi 3rd / Hat-Trick Goal vs Brazil 2012 ,

Messi has scored in FIFA World Cup , Copa America , World Cup Qualifier , Olympics , U-20 FIFA Youth World Championship and International Friendlies. Many of these goals featured here were very crucial match winning / match deciding goals.

Here is the compilation of Messi's 10 best goals in 11 years of international football career with Argentina National Team .

The Greatness of Messi in Argentina Shirt :
Lionel Messi doesn't perform with Argentina the way he does with FC Barcelona? Well, it is true. Because individually he performs better for Argentina. Messi plays like 60-70 matches with Barca in a year when only 4-5 or 6 with Argentina. Yet many of his best dribbles, passes and goals are from his Argentina games. ALL of the goals showed here will be among his top 50 goals list. 3-4 of them will among top 10. Same goes for dribbling skills. 4-5 of Messi's top 10 dribbles are with Argentina.
The best curve / curling Goal of Messi was with Argentina , the best chip / lob goal of Messi was with Argentina , possibly the best free kick of Messi was with Argentina , many of his best solo goals were with Argentina , the ONLY under the wall free kick of Messi was with Argentina . Messi is not the type of guy to score longshots but the only a few long range goals that he ever scored ALL are with Argentina !