Straight Outta Compton N.W.A's Eminem Evolution (Changing of His Voice 12 months ago   01:25

Film in theaters August 14th.

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Marshall Tercero
Bagus Dana
Here's a Stan
Deniz Dinli
Bagus Dana
Where is Em?
gta san andreas😛😛
Donald J Trump
my jam bruh!!!!
The Comrad Camp
Check out Comrad Gossip and support the underground!!!
lol why is this on eminemmusics channel xD
Daniel Tsvik
Rest in peace , Jerry Heller
AK Film Studios
They need to make an Eminem biopic. I know there's 8 Mile but we need an actual Eminem movie, not just loosely based on him.
wtf Easy-E is alive? google say's he's dead
Grum Presents
Hi, Myster Marshall recently ran into one person, his name is Mads Vesleliya he was of Norway and there is talent, it would be cool if you were together, I saw the video he lives not rich, and your fan. I myself am from Ukraine and I thank you for all the years of my life I lived with your songs in my heart. Thank you for attention.
Ignacio Vadillo
when is that flim
Reen Vonzwei
Best Greets from Germany!Check my Channel!Reenman
Andy Red Devil
Fuck illuminati
Straight outta Compton will get an Oscar for best soundtrack, calling it right now.
Yo,Em!! Is it true the rumors about a new up in smoke tour?..and when are u coming to scandinavia/norway?
Kaotik 747
Straight outta France !!
Yann Valais
black berry
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Eminem Evolution (Changing of His Voice Straight Outta Compton N.W.A's 12 months ago   08:28

A huge Rap career and change of his voice.