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Indoor Playground Song | BST Kids Learn Colors with Street 3 weeks ago   03:19

Come kids let's have a lot of fun! Playing in the Park Song - Fun Indoor Playground Songs for Kids. Nursery rhymes for children and babies!

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Come kids lets have a lot of fun(2)
We can slide we can bounce we can swing we can have a lot of fun
Come kids lets have a lot of fun(2)(tune)

Hey mom i found a slide here(2)
Come johny just slide and come(2)
Come dad n mom lets together slide(2) (tune)

Hey mom i found a bouncer here(2)
Hey dolly you just bounce and have fun(2)
Come dad n mom lets together bounce(2)(tune)

Hey daddy am afraid to climb(2)
Ohh dear i will hold your hands(2)
Thank you daddy u r my super hero(2) (tune)

Hey chiya come lets have a ride (2)
Lets see whos gonna win the ride(2)
Come friends lets have a lot of fun(2)(tune)

Hey mom i m gonna climb over there(2)
Yes hentry you can climb over there(2)
Come friends lets have a lot of fun(2) (tune)

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