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Patrick Glenn Nichols Musclecar Barn Finds
This amazing 1970 Z28 Camaro is one of the best original examples you will see. Aside from very few add ons or replacement parts the car is virtually untouched still retaining its original drivetrain, rust free body panels, paint, and most of the original interior. The car has 55k original miles and spent most of its life in Pennsylvania before coming to Tennessee over 10 years ago.

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NM 33013
Nice Z28, but I love the 78-81’s most.
Rob Smith
Damn that Z-28 looks sexy and that paint if that's original paint wow! Would give my left eye for it!
Double R Restorations
Very nice find. I would love to own that car. I would clean it and show it the way it is.
Gary Orisky
I have a 1970 Camaro RS SS L34 M20 4 speed with air condition. A very rare Camaro it has been sitting in a car trailer or the last 11 years I was wondering maybe if you could give me some information on the car I hope we can hook up and talk about it the knowledge and passion that you have for muscle cars is totally amazing love your videos
Cracked Egg
It's a shame that it sits. Needs to be cleaned up and driven every now and then
jose neves Neves
Mark P
my friend had one in metallic green . my brother sold a black one back in 1982 . he offered it to me for $1,000 & i didn't buy it . who knew what they are worth today 🙄
To the inside of this car : In each of my stored away cars I have placed a dehumidifier (-inexpensive, about 4-5 $ for 3 month) .You wouldn't believe what a big difference it makes -never mildew - no unpleasant odors....just great
Live Wire
I had a 70 auto on the tree
Daniel Hicks
Any 67 thru 69 birds
tracy mcelhenie
Turtle wax grasshopper.
To let this kind of creepin' scrunge take over the inside of a car like this, is nothing less than criminal neglect!  That crud enveloping the interior is in no way, shape, or form: "DEBRIS".....that's friggin' MOLD & MILDEW!
This type car was used in LOST TV series, Hurly's car he and his dad built.
Rick Ryatt
Man, if I had that car, I would gut it, out a 2JC fast and furious Supra motor with some serious NOS and roll that baby on some custom 26” donks!!!

Then I would have to shoot myself if someone didn’t kill me already! What a gorgeous car!! That is seriously a time capsule. I am very impressed that for its age, it has that little check in the paint. Shows the owner kept in a climate controlled garage! Thank you for sharing.
David Johnson
I tell you what! I'd give that car a hot supper like nobody's business!! The man who owns that car needs to be bitchslapped, for letting that thing deteriorate at all, even though it's 99 pct why couldn't you lazyass git a bottle of armor all for a buck to save and lubricate that interior? As a pennance I'd duck tape his mouth, put him in passenger seat to enjoy the spicy hot supper I'm gonna feed that car!!! I tell you what the people of that town would know why positraction exists, and plenty of what it looks like, not to mention that they'd be well informed about what headers and dual exhaust sounds like versus these STUPID KIDS AND THEIR FART CAN EXHAUST TIP!!! ID SHOW YOU FREAKS WHAT BIG POWER IS..and real performance.... During this time the owner and I will hopefully forge a good friendship so he don't kill me , but really man, take care that car or I'm comin!!!!
Daniel Wilkinson
I remember when this new body came out , no one was in love at first with this big of a change but soon did with the 360hp 350.
I own a 1971 RS hugger orange camaro. Black stripes. It's a beautiful camaro. Wicked head Turner. 👍
Richard Nessman
Is this Z28 forsale ? I want it
I would be driving the crap out of it !
wow, that's nice. wish i could afford to pay someone to sit the body of my 98 sebring convertible on and after market frame with that 70 z28 motor and a th700r4 trans and tubbed 9 inch ford rear and do the firewall and floor pans and finish the car. i like the body style, red paint and the black convertible top. it might be hard to tub a convertible though. all cars should have chevy motors and rear wheel drive.
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BARN FIND 1970 BUICK TIME CAPSULE 1970 Z28 CAMARO 1 day ago   11:40

1 of only 400 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 and 1 of only 118 with manual transmission. The car has been parked since 1973 and was parked in a back yard from 1973 until 1987. Parked in this spot since 1987.