"Did I?" Chris Hemsworth on his Avengers Chris Evans Jokes About 4 months ago   03:42

BBC Radio 1
Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson talk to Radio 1's film critic, Ali Plumb. Did Chris Hemsworth accidentally drop an Avengers Endgame spoiler? He and Tessa Thompson's favourite things about Britain and meeting Will Smith.

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BBC Radio 1
Watch Chris talk to Ali about Avengers: Endgame here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/TVphx2xYjBN
Including that cheeky tummy tap.
Lisa Coates
Chris Hemsworth was born a woman ... he has to disclose it to the world all his endorsement payments are illegal without disclosure
She's American?
Cumber Tiger
thank you much, Ali, u r the best (I watch the videos for the interviewer, rarely for the interviewee)
I wished this interview was longer!
love & rockets
maldita sea necesito subtítulos
barnes 77
Ali Plumb is awesome!
Elaine Robbie
If you like Ali's shirt, you can find it here: https://jordandene.com
*support small businesses, particularly when your friends run them*
Adam Lord
Chris is such a bro
Ginny Weasley
Chressa returns !!! Like if u know what I mean !
Keziah C
When they were listing the things they like about Britain, Tessa and Chris totally should've said "I love Tom Hiddleston."
Javier Vazquez
We need Playground Insults of these two!
Mike Wilhelm
That intro is Soooo... Loud!
Ryben Flynn
MiBI is so bad the bootleggers can't even video record it right in the theater. Missing minutes, blurry video, bad audio, even one lies and says line audio but it echoes like a theater audio.
Ryan McKay
Says she loves English food then goes on to say Haggis. Americans......
I thought the black girl was british. What the fuck?
Jonathan Cruz
I want to be Ali Plumb's friend
Ali for prime minister!
I would love to see the host be honest for once. Congratulations guys this film was a bomb financially and critically but please tell me about it lol
Saba Jawwad
2:16 for a reason I thought he was going to say we are the avengers 😭😭
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Chris Evans Jokes About "Did I?" Chris Hemsworth on his Avengers 4 months ago   03:15

Sangita Patel starts an "Avengers" war between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth by sharing that Captain America is her "favourite". The "Avengers: Age of Ultron" stars rib each other over who their favourite superhero is and joke about Chris Hemsworth's Sexiest Man Alive title in this interview from 2015.

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