China issues travel warning China's ambassador to Canada leaving 2 months ago   03:40

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Beijing has issued a travel warning for the United States, saying Chinese citizens should "fully assess the risks" of travelling to the US, given recent shootings. The warning comes as trade tensions between the world's two biggest economies rise.

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Riyaz Ar
United States must first combat its own domestic terrorism,drug, gun voilence their rather infiltrate and invade other Countries .i wish China invades USA and combat terrorism
SALTY Peasents Always Need Salt
Good! Stay the fvck away! We need innovative people, not more copy-machines.
Bay Bye
Come to Canada and we will accept you with open arms..not harassment caused by the leader of the country being mentally incompetent..USA Human Rights are among the worse in the world..look at the children being held in concentration camps and dying...
Skully Anderthal
Companies from the West are requesting that China cease demands for company secrets to be divulged should they intend doing business in China,of which,is extortion.Then there are those issues of China hacking and stealing intellectual property bypassing financial compensation to rightful proprietors.Following more than 20 years of such practice President Trump took a stand and now demands that China trade fairly and ceases past behaviours and theft.The threats and intimidation by the Chinese Government as at it's end for the West will no longer tolerate such abuses !!
joke bbb
I am canceling to travel USA
hyou zan ren
Guns Violence is US way of life!
gilbert espero
Go to Hong Kong, o wait they hate the Chinese too...
US should do same thing to China!!!
Edward Snowden :
d ご, .ご b-
Edward Snowden :
. ▍★∴
kay manning
This is BS
blue dog
Good job China, spend your holiday money in safer countries. USA is not a peaceful place.
Also, the food... ewww
Rango Green
Uass is dangerous...
Daniel Jones
Why go to the stolen country of native America , no culture no class , no history unless stolen from the native American .
Have we had enough with John Bolton's lie in Iraq? If you care about the market?
Amparo Howell
We don’t need anymore Chinese in the US we have plenty
Krishna Dhakal
I hat america trumpet political
The resident
Armed robberies, murder and rape , etc are so common in US cities.
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China's ambassador to Canada leaving China issues travel warning 2 months ago   18:48

China's ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye, who has been a combative presence throughout a serious and ongoing dispute between the two countries, is expected to depart soon for a new posting.
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