Paying Strangers $1,000 To Hit Their My Town Is Underwater... 5 months ago   16:57

Tanner Fox
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Paying Strangers $1,000 To Hit Their Shin With a Scooter

Today we head to Mission beach and film "Paying Strangers $1,000 To Hit Their Shin With a Scooter" this was so much fun to film!! Comment below what I should do next


SNAPCHAT - tannerfoxx


Sony 16-35mm Lense

Rode Microphone

SD Card


Canon G7 X Mark II

TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!


outro song!

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mitchell montgrand
Would have been funny is the guy says yes an breaks his other leg
Josh Josh
Was that kane doing a back flip
Syth Duvio
No one

Literally no one

People on the beach: I must go commit scooter ankle
I am Caleb
Use your money properly. Not to hurt people.
phuong truong
It’s the ankle not the shin
Taylor Williams
This is clickbait it said 1000 and it is 20
Camille Clemons
What amusement park were you at because it had a roller coaster and some some flat rides
Konstantin Shitov
12:28 the woman said *gracias* that means *thank you* in english
Hailey Ward
When he backflipped on that wall and tanner was scared for him be a gymnast and have to backflip on a 4 inch wide beam
Gibson LIN
Tanner:hitting girl with scooter for $40

Nigga:pay me $200
I had one of the older models as a kid which had sharper edges lol
Jared Amaya
Joe kershaw
13:17 the noise is so satisfying
What is the point when, when they go to the hospital it's gonna cost them more than 1000 dollars
Tati06 Rivera
I can’t swim 🤣
Omap Pjap
who else noticed that drage from funk bros was in the background?
Xzacter Gaming
This guy asking 20 😂
Play ForGame
What song in 5 min?
Arrest this man
Maya Labo
Hit me just patreon my ohmyghost webtoon $20 my christmas is so complete👻👻👻
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My Town Is Underwater... Paying Strangers $1,000 To Hit Their 5 months ago   05:12