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Usain Bolt - Emotional Last | 9 Coolest Kids In The World! - At Up-Tube.com

Usain Bolt - Emotional Last 9 COOLEST KIDS IN THE WORLD! 4 months ago   07:54

Thanks for everything Legend!
Songs :

Nightsky - Tracey Chattaway
Manse feat. Alice Berg - Freeze Time (Stasius Remix)
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lily xoxo
I thought in an interview he said he would attend the 2020 rio and then quit running
RF Johns
Disappointing loss!
Will he go for comeback if runs out of $?
Pascal Bahati
Lots of love Bolt!!
Muhammed Musthafa
Still usain bolt is the fastest man

We are proud of you
siddiqui shoaib
Sorry to see the last race like this. Usaqin you would be on top always
Tarun Bhatt
He is Thunder Bolt.. G.O.A.T 👏👏✌✌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Dislike for USSAIN BOLT losing
Steron Lopes
Is it his last race??
priya yadav
Champions always be champion👍👍✊
Who else almost cried?😭
I actually cried😭
Emmanuel Owusu
The winner still didn't break bolts best record
Jtn 2009
Guys don't worry because usain bolt has his 9.58 record which no one has beated he is still the champion I am with bolt click the like button if u like usain bolt

Vivek Bose
Telling you the truth here in India we people are cricket centric and athletics stands no chance in front cricket but this crazy guy increased the interest of a common Indian about athletics all people just know one name and that's Usain Bolt normally we wait for cricket matches but it was this crazy guy who forced us to see his every participating events
Love and respect from India 🇮🇳
Sarah Coyle
"doesent matter who wins." "it matters that you had fun"
christianjames romero
He deserves a Movie right?
Don BaTtaLion
We will never forget you Usain bolt :(
Random Stuff
i respect all other players but bolt is my inspiration (FOREVER)
Vivek Singh Chauhan
Real heros can't be forgotten ever.BOLT is one of them👍👍👍👍👍
Anthony Do
So low
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9 COOLEST KIDS IN THE WORLD! Usain Bolt - Emotional Last 4 months ago   11:30

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