Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video What Would Joe Rogan Do in the Apocalypse? 2 weeks ago   02:21

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Taken from JRE #1322 w/Reggie Watts:

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Lindsay Blunt
They were the most triflin group of people I’ve ever seen. As yes none of them knew how to throw hands.
What's the point of this if the fight video is not shown ?
Dimethyl Tryptamine
I saw some guy knock someone out at Six Flags.
Diversity is our greatest strength
ken merriman
SORRY TO SAY but a black "family" getting into a brawl at disney how cute and Ill tell you there is like zero talk of this on MSM in general and esp CNN or MSMBC
damien crews
dudes a bitch. he hit 2 different women n didnt touch a single man.
Wtf is going on
shane molloy
Stoner Control
"Naybahood Crip niggas got me fucked up"
Eric Shira
How is it that no one stopped that dude in the red from smacking multiple women up? He couldn’t fight! That’s why he was smacking all the ladies! That guy is a chump and so are the people who didn’t intervene.
Lena May Duzen
So he shouldn't have hit her like that, he could've just walked away after she spit
it’s mind blowing that people aren’t ashamed of this type of behavior, where is the common courtesy for the families and children surrounding them ?
Raven Miller
OMG Reggie Watts 😍😍😍 love his music soo much.
Jake Stewart
Honestly if I take off my shirt, it’s because I like that shirt and I don’t want a dumbass to fuck it up
Mark Thompson
Wrong on every level. The hapless security were the worst.
Jesse Cab
I’ve seen at least four fights at Disneyland, this is not shocking at all. The day my five year old told me that he was sick of Disneyland was the proudest day as a father yet 😂😂 That place is for broke people who have to finance an annual pass and pay monthly fees just to look like a bunch of fucking idiots with Mickey Mouse ears while they have no kids. Grow the fuck up
Mo Bzai
Joe Rogan is such a douchebag
Cole J
"Terrible technique" he says. They're not fighting for a belt, Joe.
Lux Mundi
Rogan always critiquing the fighting style.
Steve Breen
When did Disney do another sequel to "Planet of the Apes?"
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What Would Joe Rogan Do in the Apocalypse? Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video 2 weeks ago   05:54

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1287 w/Rich Benoit: