Finnegan's Garage Ep.59: I Bought Ultimate Squarebody Street Truck? 2 months ago   20:38

Finnegan's Garage
This is part 1 of an insane adventure that my friend David Newbern and I just went on. A super rare '89 GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab Ramp Truck hit the internet last Wednesday and I couldn't help myself; I had to have it. So we flew to Cincinnati on Friday and bought it, intending to road trip it home. The seller claimed it had just 35,000 miles on it and that it was ready to road trip. The mileage claim was correct. The road trip portion of their statement was total BS! Witness the joyous discovery and test drive of the ultimate hauler and then watch in horror as we nearly get destroyed by tractor trailers when the 454ci V8 shuts off as we reached the top of a two-lane bridge and had to roll backwards down the highway.

Part 2 will be live next week and you'll see how we overcame the odds and extreme parts failure to make it back home with our new favorite tow pig!

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Dave Beveridge
I really enjoyed this Yoj guys!!!
Frank Maldonado
Is it just me or did the bosses kid buy this truck to impress his friends with the drivelines they picked, or WHAT!! You could have ordered ANYTHING to drive this Box from G.M. that would would have been better then they did. No wonder it only has 30K!!

That's also why I had a 1969 Z/28 in High School!! Fin did you ever find what's wrong with it??

Good news find the Truck that has the Diesel or even the overdrive trans that this schmuck did not order and squeeze every horsepower or forget Colledge for the kids!!
Steve Anthony
How much was it? You never said. If you ever wanna sell it I would totally be interested. I love it
cringgyvids123 cringgy cring
Dose it have air conditioning😊😊😊
The Boosted Life
What year is it actually
Alpha Machina
Damn, that's a beautiful truck. You lucky SOB. They must have only driven it to maybe a dozen races across country, and whatever around town and local stuff they had, and it sat in a massive garage in between.
Gus Jimenez
Haha let me take a wild guess on the video u showed finn at the end!!! Did it involve sun glasses!! Bare fist!! And a buddys punching bag!!! U guys rock!! Finn i want a FSM hat if im right!!
calm callum
how is it even more comfortable to wear a seat belt like that? i assume that's why he's got it like that
pat leyland
wow well if you scrap it i want first dibs on the front doors an hood k :)
Scenic Driveways
Love that truck! I want one :)
" you have another jacket, it 30 and raining in Cincinnati" I've lived here for along time here u get used to the sucky weather in ohio
Rocco N April
I had an 89 Blazer. Same color interior. Having major flashbacks right now :) good ones :)
This thing is perfect for a allison dmax swap. A built lbz would be amazing.
Pascal Mössinger
I just owned an 88 Chevy Caprice just like that, in the near same condition :)
Have the headliner professionally redone
Zed orda
One of the best candidates for a diesel engine upgrade.
if your gonna rack up the miles, find a Yukon or a Suburban with quad buckets. Those seats without head rests will break your neck in an accident.
Michael Lowe
Welcome to Cincinnati, wait we're in Kentucky? I thought Cincinnati was in Ohio. It is, just not the airport. Wait what?

I live near the airport. You should have called me. I could be talked into parting with my Bon Jovi slippery when wet tape.
Fire your editor
Michael Lucas
Awesome vids and glad you found a gem but maf that you got scammed. Hope all works out.
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Ultimate Squarebody Street Truck? Finnegan's Garage Ep.59: I Bought 2 months ago   12:24

Dreams right here. Classic square body, solid patina, a supercharged V8 and... AC!? Yes. Yes please.

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