Twins MOVING OUT | Saying Goodbye BROOKLYN and KAMRI Get Asked to PROM 1 day ago   12:55

Brooklyn and Bailey
You guys… I can’t believe that we are already moving out of our Freshman #college dorm! It honestly feels like we just moved in at Baylor… where do you think we will live when we go back???

It felt like #moving out of our apartment took FOREVER… with two of us, we just have SO MUCH stuff! A lot of the #Freshman kids that were moving out of their dorms had like, one bed and a few boxes of clothes and school supplies. Then there’s us... hauling out of our #dorm a family's worth of furniture and home decor! 😂 Plus, we had stuff for 2 students, not just 1!

We made so many awesome friends at Baylor, a few of which helped us load up our car, and haul it to a storage unit! Nothing makes you feel more like an adult than moving out WITHOUT your parents, and finding and renting your own storage unit! We’re doing some serious adulting, y’all! 🙈

Telling our friends goodbye for the summer was actually a lot harder than we anticipated. I know we’ll see them again in 3 months, but it’s still difficult to say goodbye to our freshman year and the memories tied to it. It’s kind of like the end of an era, especially since when we go back we will be starting as college juniors in Baylor's business program! (We might not see as much of our Freshman friends as we did this year since we will be a year ahead.)

As much as we're going to miss our friends over the summer, I will NOT be missing Business Calculus! We are SO excited to have a break from our tough 18-credit class schedule, and will be able to enjoy the summer with our family! (Paisley missed us, I am sure!)

Also, a HUGE "thank you" to Jeffrey, Antoine, Anna, Brad, Sean, Tina, Cameron, Jensen, who helped us move out!!

When do you finish school for the summer? Comment below!

💋's -Brooklyn

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Brooklyn and Bailey
What are you guys doing this summer?? Comment below! 💋's -Brooklyn
Riyana Kabir
your a good friend antoine
Life with Lyric
Vacuum blanket suitcase
Kingsley White
Are you guys moving into college dorms? (Someone plz explain in comments)
Harmony Leavelle
Suitcase,hangers,vacuum r my 3 things
Nicola Yip
Suitcase, vacumn and pillow
Vickh L Brinley
hangers suitcase miror
Sehar Zaib
suitcase.habger and car seat
Kitty Lover
Where’s bailey? Wait I saw her never mind Lol
Riddhima Agarwal
bailey, suitcase and seats are there in car
Ally C
Antoine seems like the perfect friend tbh
Feranmi Odubanjo
At 1:47 her accents becomes british for a second
Antoine’s a really good friend. With how much work there was, I wouldn’t have done this for my best friend 😂😂
Simply Delta
Shout out to Antoine!
TN - 06CG - Alloa PS (1457)
you are the best💕😍
Natalie Thornburg
Bedding, suitcase, hangers,
Just Julie
Vacuum suitcase and Bailey. Lol😂🤣
Evie Smith
I’m rewatching this vid bc why not lol? But at 11:58, it looks like Brooklyn has a ratio kinda on her shoulder blade... anyone else notice that?
Muzainah Jooma
Where is Bailey
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BROOKLYN and KAMRI Get Asked to PROM Twins MOVING OUT | Saying Goodbye 1 day ago   09:32

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Brooklyn AND Kamri get asked to PROM 2018? This week on Behind the Braids we show you what you've all been waiting for... Brooklyn AND Kamri get asked to PROM by close family friends! Brooklyn was asked by Cameron, who you all know right now, with a Stranger Things theme, and Kamri was asked by Brett after our spring break trip to the Dominican Republic with a cute sign and candy!

Kamri is a freshman, so this was a big surprise to her since Prom is primarily for Juniors and Seniors and our kids don't usually date until they are 16! We all knew about it, and gave special permission to Brett, an All State cross country star, to ask her since his mom and I were best friends in high school and roommates in college. Our kids have essentially grown up together. A few of the girls Brett had tried asking were already going with someone else, and others had plans elsewhere, and we all wanted him to be able to go. Since Brooklyn, Bailey, and Kamri will go to prom in the same group, and they are all friends, we know they’ll have a blast!

We also went to see Brooklyn and Bailey sing the national anthem and perform an amazing black light show at their pep rally at school! This pep rally was so special because it was Brooklyn and Bailey’s senior year of high school, so it’s their last ever high school pep rally! The stomp team, drill team and cheerleaders all performed in black light outfits! What fantastic show! Later Brooklyn, Bailey and their friend “SNEAK OUT”, with permission. You’ll also get to meet Cub! He is the newest CGH office Puppy! We belongs to someone on our team but we get to see him all the time and Paisley helped name him!

Brooklyn and Bailey SOLD OUT scrunchies they made TWICE! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at all the work it takes to sell these scrunchies! Packing up all the scrunchies was a team effort! We got all the kids to come help, and had a blast hanging out and packing them up. Maybe you’ll see a new set of colors launching soon!

Please be sure to click the "🔔" next to the SUBSCRIBE button, to join our Notification Squad for #PowerHour each week, and leave a comment below telling us who you are most excited for to go to Prom, Kamri or Brooklyn!

💋's -Mindy


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