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Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari interviewed on 'Connect the World with Becky Anderson', broadcasted on CNN International, November 2019.

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Rea Lly
If human intelligence would have developed to understand life, then UN goal would be that by 2030 human populaton is one third smaller than now.True Prolife is every unborn human.
Kazim Acar
Mr. Yuval is a historian not mythologist and therefore is not sufficiently qualified to write about human evolution. In mob opinion, the publicity he has received is not deserved. As a matter of fact, the most exciting human evolution and is best covered years ago by mythologist George Campbell In the Power of Myth, Hero with 1000 faces, Heros Journey, and others in association with Bill Moyers. Mr. Yuval contradicts himself in his ideas such it is the social qualities rather than physical power of humans that led to its evolution. Nothing can be further from the truth. The myth in conjunction with physical abilities led to human evolution. There had be a belief system of some sort to create and function as a community. However, humanity survived by both. It is not either or, it is both. Humans owe their evolution to the longer thumb that enabled them to make precision tools unlike apes or chimps. Humans precision tool making ability and thereby creativity led to human evolution. Had human thumb remained shorter like the apes, there would bee no intelligent life on earth. It seems Mr. Yaval is not aware of George Campbell and his work.
Gallen Guillaume
Here is a vegan neurology channel ( gross and disturbing) for those who like it...... https://up-tube.com/channel/HPgDY5Z2AwqvMRHOEYuVDPjN
Nikola Jankovic
I love Harari, but he is everywhere, repeating same things all the time.
Inspector Lestrade
Why does this Becky do the shouty, shouty thing on the TV when she presents her program. This interview is quieter and not in your face. How can she be converted to non shouty speak.
Rea Lly
With the same energy/ force human is defending its selfishness,selfcenteredness, selflove,human is resisting life and Love.
True Prolife and Love is every unborn human.
Rea Lly
Subjective human invented religions and everlasting growth-humancentered worldview.
With evolution objectivity develops ex.The ontological addiction theory-Dr W Van Gordon and human starts to see that humancentered worldview is a product of its time, a delusional,historical misstep.
In a lfecentered worldview reproduction is not a selfish act, its based on humanneed and is a intelligent, rational act.
In a lifecentered worldview humanpopulation is minimal.
subham roy
You should get Nobel.
Paul Schuyler
Mr. Harari, I love all 3 of your books and have read them several times each. About the crisis' of liberal democracy, I believe that there are some underlying causes that you may not have examined deeply (yet). 1.)Legal corruption (e.g. Lobbying in the USA), and 2.)Central Banks and FIAT monetary policies. The latter especially has the single greatest impact on widening wealth gaps in every country on earth, and its a completely apolitical phenomenon. As I have learned more about these two topics, they seem to be the root cause of undermining faith in democracies. Capitalism works just fine for resource allocation and productivity, and goes hand-in-hand with liberal democracy. But when the two aforementioned forces are at play, free markets and liberal democracies break down systematically. Here's a great series (1-9) on FIAT: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/QlI0BsH3-SH&yvfg=CYR88R9VPqvcvqUxGruf1IoSmtjed1wxHW

Your brilliant work can be expanded greatly with a deep critique of FIAT currencies and their evolution. It may also explain why your Apple stock doubled in 2019 while sales increased by only 2% over that same period. These economic forces will rip apart societies as we know them in the near future. They are at least as potent a force of societal transformation as is technological change. Bad monetary and fiscal policy creates speculative bubbles and economic crashes. It also alters the psychology of investment decisions, favoring short-term ROI vs. long-term choices across the world. This at a time when long-term planning is desperately needed to solve the world's true challenges (e.g. ecological collapse, geopolitics, technological disruption, etc).
Luis 211
Rea Lly
It is all relative.
When human is the size of 8 billion units,farming,energyproduction,airtravelling and so on are threats.
When human is the size of 8 million units farming,energyproduction,airtravelling and so on are possibilities.
Darshan doctor
We want Yuval Harari vs Elon musk..
Darshan doctor
I want to be realist, not optimist or pessimist.. So , powerfully realistic..
Rea Lly
People are nice,friendly,helpful inside the reference group they are identified with.
When widening the perspective subjectiveness, is not the whole truth.
HUman has not yet matured/developed into objectiveness.
If someone from space would look at human on planet and be asked what is seen,a psychopath in action would be the answer.
Rea Lly
In hell are koalas burning alive.
Love is a personal feeling only in a primitive humancentered worldview,in a lifecentered worldview, Love is a l lifeforce and human is minusculus.
Reproduction for selfish motive is the biggest sin of human.
Çelebi Asal
Please add turkish
Rea Lly
Sustainable growth-just fiction.
You dont agree-ask a cancercell..
Rea Lly
Is misleading to talk about sixth extinction or climate change because both of those happen also without human.Nothing from outside is threatening (human) life but human himself, so the correct and responsible term now is selfdestructiveness.Selfdestructiveness is a result of absence of either mentalhealth and/or intelligence. The most valuable human capital is intelligence,where intelligence is- human is small and LOVE big.
Rea Lly
In a sane and intelligent world human(population)is small.
Rea Lly
Human is a threat to himself,human is selfdestructive and there are only absence of two things(or a combination of them) that cause suicidal behaviour-insanity or stupidity.
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The Future of Education - Yuval Noah Yuval Noah Harari on 'Connect 1 day ago   59:53

Yuval Noah Harari spoke with 350 young people in South London together with comedian and presenter Russell Brand. In this first-ever Penguin Talk, Harari shared his thoughts on the future of humanity in an honest conversation with Brand and the young audience about the challenges facing the next generation (and how they might be overcome).