1000HP Nitrous 2JZ S15 Testing - RIDING 80 series Landcruiser Review, Modified 1 week ago   27:22

Adam LZ
Another OSW session to test the new setup on the s15 and see how everything works with the new tune, failsafes, and nitrous added to the mix. So much fun! http://lzmfg.com
Jimmy Oates - https://www.youtube.com/user/Dkbiker76

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alberto meza
Happy face on arm at 17:43? Just know you make millions of people life’s better by you being you your human and your allow to go thru pain as well just know you got millions of fans here for you that got your back 100% much love and respect Adam thanks for all the hard work you do I appreciate you
logan leveaux
Yooo I wanna see you and Cole Seely colab!!!
martin degetau
Take Cleetus for a lap
Cayden Brylka
Who else thinks that he should go for 2019 FD competition, i mean, hes got plenty of sponsors already im sure it wont be too hard to get a few more, plus, hes got an FD spec car.
Noan Mousy
This fucking engine sound omg.
Deville Wright
Bro, Jimmy's face!
Lucas Long
Dude you're really coming along! Sick footage
YouTube Google
А Стилов не спиздел)) Контент ТОП!
Andre R Memories
The s15 is a real smoke machine.
Pause it at 3:32, now the moustache makes sense. xD
Corey K
Everything I love in one video, sound of dirt bikes and drift cars.
T Mac
Amazing driving!!!
Cameron Skinner
Having pat judge was hilarious, he ksnt factoring in the fact that he isnt aasbo or dean and that automatically makes it a sub 87 run no matter who it is.
That tofu delivery boi from japan
Adam, how much did it cost for the car and the work ENJUKU RACING did on the car? I am curious, that car is LIT
Grant Bryson
Your tasche is pure 80's creepo
s a m p l e t e x t
What i like about Adam is that his bite is as big as his bark. He's legitimately a very solid drifter and has huge potential in FD.
adam listening to suicide boys thats so hype year of flex
jan schreurs
Pleas make a bmx vidio
FFS Bennn
He’s too worried about tiny bruises to the car, like he doesn’t throw it sideways enough he’s too in love with how the car looks. The last run was the best run & was deff a high 80 mid 90 run because of how hard he actually threw it only because the tires were on their last round. More of the last runs in the future and he’ll deff be a high 80s hitter.
Taren Turnage
No one noticed that cole seely was there. Who’s a pro motocross rider drifter and old bmx pro. No one noticed
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80 series Landcruiser Review, Modified 1000HP Nitrous 2JZ S15 Testing - RIDING 1 week ago   39:55

80 series Landcruiser Review, Modified Episode 64

0:01 Eye candy
1:05 Intro
2:53 Bar work
6:31 Roof Rack
8:42 Lights & Comms
16:24 Tyres Suspension
19:07 Under the Hood
23:54 The Rear
28:10 Interior mods
33:40 Q&A
39:33 Links

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