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1000Hp Nitrous 2Jz S15 Testing - Riding | 80 Series Landcruiser Review, Modified - At Up-Tube.com

1000HP Nitrous 2JZ S15 Testing - RIDING 80 series Landcruiser Review, Modified 2 months ago   27:22

Adam LZ
Another OSW session to test the new setup on the s15 and see how everything works with the new tune, failsafes, and nitrous added to the mix. So much fun! http://lzmfg.com
Jimmy Oates - https://www.youtube.com/user/Dkbiker76

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"Dumpsters are very expensive" - owns a Porsche and a 1000hp drift car. And the rest
colin lauzon
Hey Adam why does it look so bumpy when you come off the turns?? Just wondering
$uicideboy$ kill urself pt iii at 22:30 I fanboyed
Matthew Davidson
you know we all should have realized he was going to do some form of formula d stuff when they were talking about Thursday practice and qualifying and race day stuff @16:24 in the video and him asking pat to judge him like a formula d judge
Schneider Franz
what's the name of the track ?
charlie-marie bell
Why don't you try out for the formula drift
Julie Summersell
No one realized there was cole seely in this video
adam, piece from Russia and check this out, that is the first Russian 1k hp professional drift car in Russia:
Wael Nabbout
When is Adam gonna start racing for formula drift cuz I think he would kill it
Can someone plz tell me how much it costs to build a drift car of this standard I’m guessing around 80k?
الهيكل العظمي
Very nice nissan silvia
J Bettis
Good shit man! Is Pat competing in FD this year?
Christian Raschella
Homeboy got CHOPPED hard ✌🏼
Walker Richard
Cole seely that dude is sick!
Javon Smith
The Mercedes you raced might've been a mercedes amg gt-r. I know they're v8 biturbo's. Some kid that lives near me got one from his dad for graduating high school.
Andrew T
Good ol Alafaya and 50
Raiden Garcia
What's on Adams arm at 17:43 ?
LZ Vs. Rad Dan Tandem?
Killer Beast
im new but does sequential use clutch?
Cody White
adam! love the build (its getting almost insane at this point) but with all the modifications done to this thing... dontcha think you oughta modify your safety gear too?? This things rips and i would hate to see any severe incidents happen without a fire suit/hans. Love the progress! much love from canada
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80 series Landcruiser Review, Modified 1000HP Nitrous 2JZ S15 Testing - RIDING 2 months ago   39:55

80 series Landcruiser Review, Modified Episode 64

0:01 Eye candy
1:05 Intro
2:53 Bar work
6:31 Roof Rack
8:42 Lights & Comms
16:24 Tyres Suspension
19:07 Under the Hood
23:54 The Rear
28:10 Interior mods
33:40 Q&A
39:33 Links

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