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This weeks video will be a bit different from what I have been posting in the past. This is sort of a product review but I still put some great skiing in it so if that's what you are after be patient at the start and you will be rewarded.

Boot Covers or Boot Glows as I have seen them branded in the past are great. They are easy to take with you on a trip and even put in your pocket while skiing if not needed.

Only down side is that you cant unbuckle and buckle up your boots all the time because that would mean you would have to take the Boot Cover off.

You can carve pretty well with the Boot Cover but it has some limitations as well. It creates some frictions between the boot and the snow so if there is soft snow you will maybe feel a difference. Carving with very high edge angles causes the Boot Cover to maybe touch the snow and that again will affect your performance but as long as you keep it civil you will be ok. I have even seen WC racers practice with these.

The heated socks are also great. I have been using all sorts of heaters in my boots and the socks are by far best for my use. The heaters that are installed in the foot bead had too many down sides. Now I can use my favorite foot bed. With the heating elements that were built into the foot beds I had a lot of problems. For instance I could feel the flat cable underneath the foot bed and since I first put on my liner and then slide it into the outside shell the flat cable was always getting tangled up and damaged. And the battery packs at the back of the boots were hard to reach and adjust.

That's all folks. Enjoy the video and please subscribe, give me thumbs up if you think its any good and please leave a comment.



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Marshall Ratinoff
Tom, I see that your boot liners are the lace up type. Why do you put the liner on your foot first rather than leaving it in the shell and putting your feet in both the liner and shell simultaneously?
Henrik Kryger Pallesen
Good humor...made me smile :-)
vadim videos
Thanks man for such cool lifehuck!
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Fountain Of Youth with Mike How to keep your feet warm 3 months ago   26:19

Aging pro freeskier, Mike Douglas, travels to Japan in search of the secrets to perpetual youth and longevity. Between powder skiing sessions, he explores the Japanese diet, fitness, onsens and temples. The most profound advice, however, comes from a day spent with Mt. Everest age record holder, Yuichiro Miura and his son Gota.

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