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*new* Rarest Skin Makes | So I Challenged A Recon Expert For His Fortnite - At Up-Tube.com

*NEW* RAREST SKIN makes So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite 1 day ago   10:03

*NEW* RAREST SKIN makes fun of my RECON EXPERT, then THIS happens... (shocking)

#reconexpert #aerialassaulttrooper #rareskins

Just a young kid trying to make it on YouTube !

Stay updated on my Socials !

Twitter: @H0RSE https://twitter.com/H0RSE

Psn: Shorings

Comments 1235 Comments

Whats rarer Aerial or Recon ?? 🤔
Riley Da Beast
Did he really just say "did I become blind overnight?” When he heard that recon expert was the 2nd rarest in the game
Cutie Pie
People that agree with me the rarest skin is recon like
farahnaz rajaei
abriged night blade
Blind wtf you mean death
Ruben Hermens
Horsing: already raging
That other guy:what are you talking about YOUR TRASH!!!!!!!!
God Dag
Best video so far
Jacob Coley
Actually they both kinda came out at the same time
Kimberly Martinez
Mc doggo Thatsnazzyboi
Could you give me a rare skin please I always watch you but people bully me for having no skin I watched you when your channel was smaller my username is Crackan123
Lindsay Thackeray
Bruh the kid is salty
XNinjaX Xx
I’m the 20k likes no lie
Angel Heart
Horsing I love ur channel but Aerial came out ounce but urs came out three times
Yodha 1 up
Recon is not in my lobby I like
Thesweet Honeygirl
I liked it my fortnite game account is jewelle ghost1
Cody Jackson
He said am i blind i cant HEAR straight.
zay zay films
Recon i did research
Reuben Warfield
My f
Reuben Warfield
Goul toper
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So I Challenged a Recon Expert For His Fortnite *NEW* RAREST SKIN makes 1 day ago   06:21

#Fortnite #reconexpert #rareskins


Fortnite Recon Expert Rarest Skin in the game