#48 Johnny Walker - Real Quick Jon Jones Talks DC, McGregor vs Khabib 2 days ago   58:30

Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast
Light Heavyweight phenom Johnny Walker visits the studio to discuss life in Phuket, recovery from his celebration-related shoulder injury, who he wants to fight next, and his outlook on life. This is a great peek at the personality of this up and coming fighter!

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Johnny Walker:

Mike Swick:

Marc Bogutzki:

Mike Swick is a 15 time UFC veteran and former top contender in two different weight divisions. He is also the founder and CEO of the AKA Thailand super gym in Phuket, as well as the owner of Swick Savage™, Savage Life Media™, Yankova™ Fashion House & The FYTRS Organization™. 

Marc Bogutzki is Mike's longtime friend and has been by his side since high school. Known as one of the funniest guys that's never took stage, he is also the complete opposite of Mike. Marc has never been in a fight in his entire life, and doesn't live near what you would consider a healthy lifestyle. This is why at 50,000 subscribers on this channel, Marc has vowed to train and take a real Muay Thai fight in a stadium in Thailand.

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Host: Mike Swick
Co-Host: Marc Bogutzki
Guest: Johnny Walker
Produced & Directed by: Mike Swick
Filmed & Edited by: Greg Blunt
Music Producer: Benny Youngbaht
Music: Danny Bunnathong
Artwork: Simon Netherton

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Comments 30 Comments

Thomas Lewis
Great interview, Johnny is so humble, but beware, don't cut the line with Johnny.
Brien Clark
Ok, $5 dollar t-shirt, Swick said $60,000 in sponsorships' one year, so the UFC owes J Walker 12000 t-shirts a year.
Canadian Aussie
Great interview boys he will make a great future Champion very Humble and respectful plus a great attitude and this was a good way to spend time 👍🙏🏻 jones vs Walker 2020
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
Who wouldn't be happy when they are knocking everyone out we will see how happy he is when he get some real competition.
Just Sam
A beautiful life philosophy regardless of age.
Future champ
João Pedro Cruvinel
Legenda em pt-br! 🙏
47:41 Hockhold 🤣
New World Grover
Even if you screw up doesn't mean you should be negative. He can be a screw up and remain positive.
Miguel Estrada
Johnny Walker is a man of heart, one that obviously understands were he came from. Great pod cast. You guys are young, don't feel old_ Johnny is already a champion, knowing that time is important not only to enjoy training, but to work for a better world. I am 68 and still train 5 X a week. Love and live in Hua Hin Thailand. Sanuk, Chok di ! Minha casa e tua casa campeao ! #LulaLivre! #Ashe #NotoWar
Such an exciting fighter. I'm really rooting for him.

Though hopefully that injury doesn't change him. Seems like most fighters with injuries that require surgery aren't the same afterwards... Johnny Hendrix, Tyrone Woodley, Alexander gustaffson....
Arnaldo Rivera
El caballo brasileño Johnny walker
Arnaldo Rivera
Good content !
Felipe Aguiar
lets gooo johnny boy
bashar the barrel bomb factory
Johnny Walker's a physical freak. This guy is gonna run through the lhw bums and then have an insane showdown with Jones. Really wanna see Walker fight Rakic tho for a title shot
Jamaa L
27:34 Vitor reality! 😂😂😂
Smokey Rockwell
Really looking forward to his next fight....
If they put him on the main card, then I'll probably get ESPN+ to see him. (I hope the UFC executives get wind of this comment)
The Best Way Out Is Always Through
This guy is Insanely athletic Marc my words he Beats Jones by KO 👊
Mike and Marc Swick✊
Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier
Johnny Walker=MBGA the only man I see beating Jones" This guy's a Beast!
Great Podcast!🕺☝️😎
Meu Pardito E O Brasil🇧🇷🇺🇸
Dr Gitfinger
This was a scoop guest fellas! Would like to think a lot of MMA fans are gonna want to watch this.
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Jon Jones Talks DC, McGregor vs Khabib #48 Johnny Walker - Real Quick 2 days ago   11:32

Evan and Babcock sit down for an extended interview with UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones to talk about his upcoming fight with Thiago Santos at UFC 239. They also talk about his current status with Daniel Cormier, his prediction for Khabib vs McGregor 2, and he teaches our TMZ staff how to throw a ferocious elbow.

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