What Happens When You WALK DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET 1 year ago   10:15

If you're in Hawaii, don't go walking on LAVA! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and let me know what your reaction would be to molten lava from a volcano! Prank Calling My Friends With A Voice Changer https://up-tube.com/upvideo/oznDV5m80XL Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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Jaiden Swain
Dionne Everitt
2:50 new ring tone
Marielle Dunn
Pass it on!
Wiggle wiggle wiggle­čĹŻ
Cheyenne McClain
Sssniperwolf is the best YouTuber ive ever seen in my life
Brandon Kn1ghts
That lava gonna be turned into a different rock Igneous
Haneen Gadban
Lia: DonÔÇÖt try this at home!
Me: *what about at the park?*
Sydex Xen
Why do I want to eat the lava? ­čśé
Rachel Killen
Lava is where devils swim
Izic Windsor
Lavas beyond scorching trust me. Perfect way to brake into a safe
Jason Coleman
Rose's are red

Violet's are blue

And sssniper is dying because... I don't know!­čśé
Addison Lincoln
Bruh! They could catch on fire! They r STUPID
Sama Ty87
Sama Ty87
R.I.P. dry ice
Sama Ty87
Lava is so thicc
Likr if u r wathing this in 2020 or more in the futrue
Ronessa Wilson
Good voev
Hattie Patterson
I hope he have fun turning into a ignious rock
Chuyito 5711
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DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET What Happens When You WALK 1 year ago   11:58

DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and are smart! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!