Film Theory: The GLITCH that Giant Inflatable Water Slide 7 months ago   16:06

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Last week we determined the rules for what makes an "official" Disney Princess. After dissecting the Princess Scene from the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer, it became clear that not all princesses make the cut. No hate, just the rules of Disney. But this video isn't about your standard princess. This time, I'm going to figure out if the one & only Vanellope Von Schweetz qualifies as an OFFICIAL Disney Princess!

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Carp With Milk
So basically if we buy enough theorist merch MatPat will count as a princess
Princess Pat should have a movie UwU
Maybe the snubs aren't in the princess room because they're not the main characters of their movies.
Alan Nala
IS kairi from kingdom Hearts a princess right???
whereis kingdom hearts???
Watercolor Colors
Soo that first Mickey Mouse scene kinda ruined my childhood

Oml the Hamilton reference was awesome
What do you mean, "Leia has no animal sidekick"?! She's got CHEWIE!
tabby cat
2:45 Hamilton fans will understand
awesome get it
Imaginé having your sister be the queen while your still a princess and she controls you😭
awesome get it
The other princesses that weren’t included in the room many kids these days wouldn’t be able to recognize them and therefore them not being popular enough of course they won’t make the cut
ezel wheeler
you never theory Anstacer
"The throne room where it happened"

Nice fam, we all love hamilton
C Denny
What if.. the movie only has to be about the princess directly?
Hercules: it’s about Hercules
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: Quasimodo
The Black Cauldron: the pig.
Atlantis: it’s about protecting her people/kingdom, and finding love. Not her directly. Remember half the movie isn’t all about her, but instead the travel the team had to take to get there in the first place.
It makes sense. However, with the Disney princesses, the movies are about them.
Sleeping Beauty: Aurora
Snow White and the seven dwarves: good old snowy two shoes.
Pocahontas: Pocahontas
Tangled: Rapunzel
The little mermaid: Ariel
Brave: Merida
Cinderella: Cinderella
Beauty and the Beast: Belle
Mullan: mullan
Moana: Moana
Aladdin: here’s where it gets a bit tricky, it’s about both Aladdin and Jasmine, Aladdin’s journey, and Jasmine getting her freedom.
Princess and the Frog: also a bit tricky, it’s about Tiana getting the restaurant, gaining a husband (therefore making her mother happy by settling down), but also prince Navene becoming better as a person, finding his parents again, gaining a wife, and being happy once more.
Frozen: Anna and Elsa.
Wreck it Ralf: what do you know, it’s about Penelope, and her glitch.
I sir, just figured it out. (Takes a bow) (applause) “thank you thank you, you’re too kind”

Side note: if you’re still reading this, congratulations, you can focus. 😁
koko shivalowr
this video came out in 2018 but it's 2019 and just to say it those tweets are bad funny but bad
Rac Atacc
that intro was how I lost thousands of brain cells in seconds
Roses Rose
I honestly don’t consider her a princess

Even tho the black cauldron isn’t very popular I still think it’s a good movie and I have it on dvd lol
Nightmare Foxy
1:24 when matpat hears a new FNAF game
Huh Matpat got this theory on Vanellope right... really sucks
StormCloud TTY
MatPat: “How to become a Disney Princesses”

Me: wait- I can be more than ONE princess?!?
Jacinta Nadarajan
So we're not the only Lin-Manuel Mirandaites happy to add more songs to our spotify playlist...
Daniel Benavides
mickey mouse is EVIL MatPat should be a princess
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