Film Theory: The GLITCH that Giant Inflatable Water Slide 3 months ago   16:06

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Last week we determined the rules for what makes an "official" Disney Princess. After dissecting the Princess Scene from the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer, it became clear that not all princesses make the cut. No hate, just the rules of Disney. But this video isn't about your standard princess. This time, I'm going to figure out if the one & only Vanellope Von Schweetz qualifies as an OFFICIAL Disney Princess!

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Carp With Milk
So basically if we buy enough theorist merch MatPat will count as a princess
Derp studios
I think Aaron burr should be a new princess
reilly norton
Hello mr "matpat" I am from Disney we deeply apologize for our main mascots behavior towards your dream and he has been punished if you would like we shall host an interview for you to become an official Disney princess and yes. Your dress is perfectly merchandiseable we also have a luxury suite in a five star hotel for your "sassy animal sidekick"
leila d
Was that whole bit about Mickey being a rat at the beginning taken directly from The Great Mouse Detective? 1:12
Joseph Arancio
2 more Disney princesses that you forget are Sofia the first and Elana of avalrora

*ohahhh....oh god*
*_U¡kitty animates_*
Boys. Take matpat to the hamilton room
Dat Boi
Nikkolo Alvarez
Damn that is a lot of talk there
its basically marketability to become an OFFICIAL disney princess, and then to qualify for the room its how recognisable you are as a character
Have u thought about their place in the movie? Meg etc aren’t the leading characters in there movies whereas all the official princesses are, even down to the titles of there films (they are direct links to the names of the princesses)
Nor Yati
MatPat: The throne room 🎶where it happened🎶~
Me: Nice singing dude. Love it!
Tanner McCoy
Do a 3 one about this
Cailey Kitty Hernandez
You have to have a pet sidekick dress and be popular. Done.
migo mendoza
How to make MatPat a Princess:

1. Make a Beautiful Theory Dress
2. Make Austin a Baboon
3. KEEP VIEWING HIS THEORIES, If his profit makes 250M dollars from the theories he makes, he qualifies.
4. Make him donate to charity (The rule that needs a princess to do a heroic act)

Done!!! We have Princess Pat, The Theory Princess with his loyal baboon Austin!
Mickey isn't a rat. He's too adorable to be one.
Sarah Wells
The throne room where it happens
The throne room where it happens

No one really knows how the magic is laid,
The art of the trade
How the dress, it’s made..

Dark as Mickey Mouse,

No one else was in The throne room where it happens

(Mickey mouse)
What did they say to you to get you to have Moana in the room?

(Mickey mouse)
Didn’t seem to know that she wasn’t a princess! Nor was Elsa!
OctoFlower YT
*kills mickey*
The Gamer Princess
T gay Subscribe to pewdiepie
I hate women
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