Best of Al Bundy: How Was Your day? One of the best Al Bundy quotes 1 day ago   10:41

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Here's another addition to our Married With Children Marathon! :)
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Michael Jorgenson
I want 2 go coffee cup grrr
Robert Shulenberger
2:09 That would be humiliating.. 😡😡🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Eliza Dolittle
I'm seeing A LOT of Al Bunny and Archie Bunker reaction videos on YouTube. Kind of makes me feel good to know that not everyone takes PC policing seriously.
Wayne Smith
You're married ? You don't look old enough to be married, no pun intended
Shaun Babb
Classic Bundy loved that program
Epsilon Silver
The way the program consistently fat shamed makes me wonder if it was not some part of a SOCIAL MANIPULATION.
Cobb Knobbler
Just the fat jokes alone would send modern outrage obsessed people into a fuckin tailspin. Forget all the other jokes about lesbos and hooters. Al Bundy is the fuckin MAN !
Stuart Crigan
The dog had more brains than anyone in the family
Married with Children was *Huge* in Israel 🇮🇱 right to the end.

When David Faustino & Christina Applegait(?) Came for a Visit, The Kids Chanel had Whole Day just for them.
Phsyco dad, Al Bundy
Tony Malerba
Simply the best.
Dustin Nunn
Al Bundy is an asshole.
Michael Payne
Al Bundy for president 2020!! lol..
Greg Ruggiero
Al Bundy the LEGEND. Greatest sitcom character ever, period.
John C
4:45--Is David Faustino small or is Ed ONeal big, or maybe both! How could a little guy like that be Al"s son? Peg fooling around?
FG Stout Cmdr. Tumal-EliteD
I think your just as cute as a button! And if your hubby don't tell you that, from time ta time...then dars sompin wrong with 'im.
Well at least you V would never have to worry about anything like this. You're too beautiful.
Invisible Libra
Husband, damn V' how old are you???😮
You look like my 16yr old niece😲
Invisible Libra
I like when Buck throw jabs at Al😂😂😂😂😂
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One of the best Al Bundy quotes Best of Al Bundy: How Was Your day? 1 day ago   02:06

Season 5 Episode 9 - Do ya think I'm sexy?