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10 Things You Missed In The Mandalorian Chapter | - At Up-Tube.com

10 Things You Missed In The Mandalorian Chapter 1 day ago   06:20

Screen Rant
This Star Wars Show Started Out Strong
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The Star Wars franchise is finally tipping its toes into live action TV and, for those of you who were worried, there’s no need! The new show is not only good, but also full of the secrets, easter eggs and callbacks that we’ve come to expect. This is our guide to the top ten.

First, and foremost: Boba Fett. There’s been endless speculation about whether or not Star Wars’ most famous bounty hunter will make an appearance in The Mandalorian. And, finally, we have the answer. Sort of. When the main Mandalorian makes his way down to the blacksmith after receiving some precious metal from everyone’s favourite German, there’s someone lurking in the shadows. That someone looks an awful lot like Boba Fett. From the colours of his clothes to the dent on his helmet, this really could be him.

This wouldn’t be a high-budget spinoff in 2019 if there weren’t some cameos. We’ve got Taiki Waititi as a ruthless yet bumbling T-11 droid. SNL veteran Horatio Sanz plays a blue bounty for the title character and Brian Pohsen, of The Big Bang Theory, chauffeurs the Mandalorian and his charge across an icy wasteland. It’s maybe too big of a role to call it a cameo, but it’s hard to look past Herzog the icon of film and see a character described only as the Client.

As for the rest of what you missed. There are countless droids, alien races and outer-space animals that we will break down in depth.

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Comments 322 Comments

Nick Georgiev
The mythasaur skull became the symbol of the Mandalorians.
Maggpii _
snow luffy06
From my perspective he kinda uses the minigun like a clone trooper
Mando and Baby Yoda don't have names and Baby Yodas species doesn't have a name so now there names are Mando and Yoba
Intelligenz -bestie
Did you also notice, that the symbol engraved in the beskar is the same symbol, that the empire used in the first three movies?
I also missed that Yoda reminds me a lot of Bernie Sanders
Why did I wast 6:20 of my life watching this?
Samuel Russell
There's more than one scanner😄
arashi gamer
Did the show get its brightness turned up cause i swear each time i watch it it gets brighter
kenny irving
Java the hut is created after the dr flaws in cloning baby Yoda! The reason java does not have the force anymore is do to being fat remember java says to luke Jedi mind tricks will not work on him How about this being food for thought
I’ve dwelt among the humans
The baby Yoda is a clone. Duh😉
Renault man
Jude Wender
Ep 1 goin strong. Ep 2? Lame ass copyright strike
Toddy twotones
More useless and obvious crap 👎🏻
Ryan Poeppel
Nobody missed any of this.
Peter Viteri
Is no one noticing the part when Carl Weathers is listing of the new bounties and says "A wanted smuggler." I think he's talking about Han Solo. This is after RotJ and before TFA so Han is still alive and he was still smuggling at the beginning of TFA. Plausible that its him, especially cause he's had bounties before.
AG Coarseman
The title is misleading. We did not miss any of these :):)

But you missed the Life Day and the sign on the Doctor's shoulder :)
No one missed any of these.u ass hats
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10 Things You Missed In The Mandalorian Chapter 1 day ago   12:22

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