Phil Ivey Beats the casino Best of Daniel Negreanu: battle 6 months ago   16:33

Jay Silva
great video

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Fred Bassett
Congratulations to Brad Pitt for the impeccable voice over work here. Great lip-syncing, Brad.
Buzz ard
If you win in a casino to them you have cheated
Junior Robles Slots
nice to watch your channel pls subscribe my channel too, thanks a lot.
Reiko Furiya
I didnt blink while watching the vid
60 Minutes allows the word SHIT(14:35) to be said without bleeping it? Cool.
shammy davisjr
Yankees gree to give the Red Sox a two run advantage at the start of the game them scream cheat when they lose.
Kenny Duff
Are all Asians assumed to be Chinese?
geoffrey ethelston
They lost big for once then boo hooed then throw dirt like a bunch of little kids
It's unfortunate, but both casinos beat him. In London, his appeals all the way to their supreme court have failed. And the other casino has been granted the right to pursue his assets.
I'm sorry About that!
Ivey the 3 std deviation epitome
Judge Noel Hillman and an English judge both agreed with the casinos and force Phil Ivey to pay back. It's just crazy he has to pay back what he won by playing very the best he could.
Simple solution. Make the back of the cards a solid color.
John Spence
And he still didn't win the lawsuit...guess what, all of life is rigged:
So far it seems the law is on the side of the casinos. Which is really disgusting.

If he were counting cards, they have every right to ask him to stop playing. But in this situation he literally asked for a few favors, as they grant many high rollers, and they were stupid enough to give away their house edge. I don't see how casino stupidity equals cheating. It was their employees, their chips, their cards, their table, their rules, their house and some options requested by Ivey which they granted. Sounds like they made a contract, now they want to weasel out of it. Hard to imagine they would have refunded Ivey if he had lost his stake.
Tommy Mccoy
Interviewer: “Did race play a factor?”

Ivey: “No”.

Also Ivey: “I requested an Asian dealer, makes me more comfortable”.

Ron Stash
Borgata is racist. Get Al Sharpton on the case.
Ha, of course this a-hole had to bring up a race question. Friggin' media.
Casino 🎰 suck balls pay the man his earnings
Pay 💰 the man 👨
Watchcollectables Wc
Moral of this story , dont gamble its a Mugs game.
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Best of Daniel Negreanu: battle Phil Ivey Beats the casino 6 months ago   17:59

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