Taking Our Builds To The Drag Strip!!! Completely Detailing Your Car LIKE 5 months ago   19:06

After all that building, it is now time for some testing!!! We finally get to let some of our builds rip down the drag strip. We have some big things coming for the channel soon and much more drag racing videos. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along the amazing journey!!!Thanks For Watching!!!

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The wrap needs to be done with spraying distilled water like you do a tint or cell phone screen.
GT-R Fanguy
why you dont use launch control
Sarah English
m g tow
Going in and out "Dukes of Hazert" style on the kit car. 😂 You dudes are some Dukes man. Mabe call you them boys the "Dudes of Hazert" 😂 😂 mabe put 01 on the doors on the Dodge viper and a flag on the roof like the General Lee. That would be sick.
Doesn’t even use launch control ok
Velin Aleksiev
I cant believe you have GTR and you dont know about the launch control.... theres no other explanation why u didnt use it....
Just here for Thomas
Jordan P
Besides the great content, I just love to see how this two brothers get along.
Something you don't see nowadays.
Keep that up guys.
God bless.
James Hoffman
you guys remind me of my buddies and I. keep up the good work and your channel will keep growing and growing! Enjoy watching your uploads!
amanda tutor
I was wondering if you could put a Nissan 350z in one of those
Tristan De Lange
Watching the old ones, I really hope you learned to use soap with wraps by now. Spray with dishwasher soap water mix and the wrap slips around and the soap presses out then let it dry and it sticks. EASY :P
Peter Mercer
Hi fellers is love your show watch it all the time just one piece of advice never use mobile phones around fuel stations.
Static electricity will set the fumes from the fuel on fire.
Keep doing what you're doing look forward to your next show.
You guys talk like Nicky Hayden. RIP Nicky~
Great Value Bleach
Next do a Tesla model S
Bird Snatcher
Y’all should sign up with Turo and rent these cars out! You could rent the Lamborghini out for $1,000+ a day, easy! We have no cars like that here in Jackson, TN. The only super car here is a Ferrari owned by a plumber lol.
Aaron GEC
I just wacht this vid again i don want to see lambo wreck i always skip it
Don't use a hair dryer. Buy a heat gun that has low and high settings. There are numerous uses for a heat gun. They don't cost much either. You won't be disappointed!
I’m sure you’ve done wraps since this video, but as others have also mentioned, we use a product called “splash” which is essentially soapy water, sprayed down after you are clean, this allows the film to drape over the body, and as you squeegee out from centre, the air bubbles get squeezed out with liquid, and lets you get it perfect. Heat will allow you to stretch around shapes as needed, but detergent lets you get rid of your bubbles
quality love you guys videos
Man you should watch CK WRAPS, he really does an excellent job at wrapping, and explains all the process involved.

Like so the goonzquad can see it!
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Completely Detailing Your Car LIKE Taking Our Builds To The Drag Strip!!! 5 months ago   08:15