Police wanted to IMPOUND..so he shipped Swapping a Trophy Truck & Nitro 3 weeks ago   10:53

Blake Wilkey and his radical 1967 Volkswagen Beetle-buggy are LEGENDS on the internet, after SHREDDING the streets of San Diego - creating a badass viral film that got the attention of the Mayor... ironically the car had already made its way over to Qatar by that time! Check out some of Blakes story and get the run-down on what this supercharged LSX VW buggy is up to now!

Check out the OG “Urban Assault” video HERE: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/70BFWYmVFY0&g=56f

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DiAnn Hopper
Micheal Thomas
what's the surprise you going to get a real job
Phillip C.
I’ve been your sub for over 2 years and you’ve taken this channel to the highest and keeps going on YouTube. Thank you so much for the amazing work all of you guys do every single day!
Unluky One
How much did it sell for ?
This is my favorite bug of all times! I’m a big fan of the classic VW bug built in all different ways but this one is at the top of my list
mark rutter
That thing scampers up those dunes like one of those crazy spiders you see david attenborough chasing on discovery channel
-CraftedXCX -
They got scared and didnt want to go to Qatar because they would know by now if they have to go in the sand dunes its not only him going super fast in sand dunes
Go Fast
Crazy , wicked , badass , just some of the first words that come to mind 👍
M&M 123
M&M 123
man, any middle eastern cash house interested in crazy awesome vehicles hit me up and we can build what ever, look at that view
soo much money went into tryin to take this guys vehicle... All of it was Tax payer funded... stupid
Donald Bevers
super sick builds
Victor Deleon
Old ass story
Kristopher Plottner
I thought he sold the buggy.
Aeternalis Armentarius
One thing I have noticed, regardless of race, religion, creed, .....car guys are all the same.....BIG KIDS!!!! lol
Interesting View
I'm glad to see Larry the Enticer is still doing good.
only 550whp and 3000lbs and it launches the front end up lol love it
Just gonna send it
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Swapping a Trophy Truck & Nitro Police wanted to IMPOUND..so he shipped 3 weeks ago   11:47

Prepare for the ultimate Snap-on Seat Swap experience. Two racing worlds collide in a once-in-a-lifetime head-to-head battle down the Las Vegas drag strip when Funny Car champion Cruz Pedregon and off-road racing champion Bryce Menzies step out of their comfort zones and into each other’s rides in the 2016 Snap-on Seat Swap.

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