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The rivalry between Uber and Lyft is in full swing. They're both going public and we finally get a look into how they're doing. A perfect time to compare the 2 rapidly growing companies.

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I thought grub hub was bigger than Uber???
Emperor Palpitoad
Not sure why they haven't invested in full sized van transportation
As a former cab driver I would never take either of them but that is just me. I have friends who take it and tell me its cheaper than a cab and being it is the persons car your riding in it was probably a nicer car than your average taxi. But, and I'm wondering why the cab companies aren't complaining, though they work very quietly with local governments so watch out, or the state isn't trying to get fees and driver checks that Uber & Lyft don't have? Drivers have to get licenses or medallions in some places from the local city hall and pay a fee yearly to update that license. They also can lose that license if they get caught doing something illegal, like drugs or others, even if off duty. The other drivers have no such license or check to my understanding. The taxi companies have to pay taxes to operate for many different reasons according to local rules and ordinances. The pay road usage and pollution fees and all kinds of other costs U & L don't have. If and when these fees get added and their drivers have more expenses than just a flat fee exchange per ride things will change especially for the companies. If they aren't making money now these state/city rules any taxi company has will definitely drag these new entity's under. Hers just one example. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/dec/10/lyft-uber-drivers-will-have-to-pay-new-fees-follow/
Boston Tom
I'm a driver and a lot of my passengers say drivers are more friendlier better drivers and cheaper prices and Ubers controversies pull them away but the funny part is a lot of drivers drive for both
Pen Holmes
I find it insane they still can't profit, even after bypassing taxi laws and regulations, even after contracting much of their workforce instead of having entirely employees, and especially after being able to hoist car and insurance costs on their "third party" contractors. If they can't even make money after doing all that, something is seriously wrong with this model. They keep uprooting the small city taxi businesses too. It's wreaking havoc! :/

Don't get me started on the unintended effects of third party delivery services on local restaurants. Not sure if you're taking requests, but if you haven't looked into Zoomer (a now failed third party delivery service) you might find its story fascinating. I know they got bought out by Eat Street, who changed over all the drivers from contracted to employees, and somehow managed to get away with giving them a base wage of under $6 an hour. No lie. I was there.
Isaac Pacheco
They need to pass more of the loss onto their drivers... if the drivers want more money, they need to perform better. Period.
Jennivah Rayenstone
I perfer Lyft. Drivers are nicer. Some of the drivers for uber are kind of jerks..
Chris Brandt
Lyft, it's cheaper than uber
Storm Sliders
I think tesla's self driving service will overtake them both
Life of Aaron
The market has gotten so use to the connivence of ride sharing.... there’s no way they’ll both be gone, whether they’re making money or not 🤷🏾‍♀️
Benjamin VizcainoLua
Joseph Lujano
They can literally make money if they cut marketing cost. If they cut it to 1/4th and relay on the people on the platform they will see a profit.
Pat Black
Always. Love. Your. Content.
Don't care about either one. Would never use. However, a family member uses Lyft when he gets off work really late.
Twilight Fox
Thanks for the content as always, sir.

Was the thumbnail for this video originally Beavis and Butthead or was that just a glitch for me? XD
Ronald Sprowal
WOW they NOT making money than why they still in business ??
Ronald Sprowal
Uber is More Easy to Set up ...Lyft is more Complicated to Set up
Alex S
Fun Fact: You can be driver for both Uber and Lyft. Also they cost roughtly the same...at least where I live. I get the feeling there will be a merger.
Alien 24
My mom does both lmao
Dylan Owen
for me it's just the price that determines which one I use.
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The Economics of Uber Uber vs. Lyft 1 day ago   09:42

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Uber may be the highest-valued private company in the world, but its economic troubles are profound and concerning.

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