GoPro POV - 900HP 2JZ S15 Race Car Vs. STREETS! Destroying my 350Z on the First Day... 5 months ago   14:12

Adam LZ
Had the opportunity to take out the 3.4L 2JZ S15 out for a little cruise now that Enjuku got it all fixed up! Such a fun experience - can't wait to get this thing back on the track!

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Sanya Shunay
G’sAdventures !
When she says she’s home alone 5:22
TheGaming wizard
best sounding 2jz ever
Not a single burnout or å drift in that car? Thats weak..
Dirty Dingus
8:19 the new drift car he got?
Uchiha Amber
Go to a drive thru with it
Josh Doma
Your car kee0s on squicking
RS Motoconcept
Freddie mercury in 900hp 2jz Silvia
Chris Fontanez
Bro what's up with that mustash lmfao naw but this video is boss love the car looking to start my own project soon
that mustache tho
So sick😀😁😍
1995 prius
2jzed b0000000000st
Ray Moreno
If u see this what part of Florida do u live in
Ray Moreno
Branden Smith
Ugh, cutting into a brand new transmission, That's cringe feeling!
Subies Over Evos
the poor normal people on the highway,
people: listening to fav song while driving, sinings along
adam lz: i think not
The one the only progamer
just listen to that gearbox
Drifts For Days
straight cut gears af
Jake Lake
my dream is to wanna be with the most powerful racecar in the highway! lol
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Destroying my 350Z on the First Day... GoPro POV - 900HP 2JZ S15 Race Car Vs. STREETS! 5 months ago   17:00

CRASH CRASH CRASH. THIS CAR IS INCREDIBLE. Just goes to show how you don't need to have some crazy high power car to go have fun. How many more dents and door marks does it need before you guys understand IT'S A MISSLE :p
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