GoPro POV - 900HP 2JZ S15 Race Car Vs. STREETS! Destroying my 350Z on the First Day... 2 weeks ago   14:12

Adam LZ
Had the opportunity to take out the 3.4L 2JZ S15 out for a little cruise now that Enjuku got it all fixed up! Such a fun experience - can't wait to get this thing back on the track!

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1999 Toyota Supra 1,256 hp
Omg i left the vid playing and i could hear the whining of that car from downstairs lol
That thing is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1% of my channel views are because of this video. 👌
J Of
Shave the cop moustach
obito nigga
Trim the fucking stache
sean mcclish
5:15 to 5:30 yw
Armand Esterhuizen
why does the gearbox make that sound? I love it but why does it do it?
*Tinnitus has entered the chat*
ew lmao bro shave your damn mustache
Aundrea Tyars
That car sound like its going to blow up any moment
Ben Devroy
That white 318Ti tho 💦
Fee son
Nice RHD
Mohamed Dmx
it's that normal the sound of gearbox ?
That stache is creepy
Alex Smith
Didn’t know Nigel Mansel moustaches were back in fashion
DragZ Official
nice bear
josiah feazell
12:00 Adam looks like Dr.Disrespect lol he just needs a vest
Isaacs Random Videos
Love the straight cut gears.
Bro that mustache gotta go lol
Insanitykills 187
Damn bro u were in ct tbats ware i live my homies have 3 shops and about 25 cars between all of us im bout to start a car channel
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Destroying my 350Z on the First Day... GoPro POV - 900HP 2JZ S15 Race Car Vs. STREETS! 2 weeks ago   17:00

CRASH CRASH CRASH. THIS CAR IS INCREDIBLE. Just goes to show how you don't need to have some crazy high power car to go have fun. How many more dents and door marks does it need before you guys understand IT'S A MISSLE :p
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